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Carmina Burana Monumental Opera and A-T continue world tour

Carl Orff’s masterpiece - Carmina Burana has been performed since 1995 with its premier in Munich and has since been touring the world

02-01-2004 It began as a magical and pioneering open air opera and has since continued to be a world known marvel. The most recent country to experience the Carmina Burana Monumental Opera is France, notably in Paris on 12th December 2003 when spectators enjoyed the spectacular. Walter Haupt directs the opera and his interpretation does not disappoint, it is as magnificent as ever. Audio Technica Microphones form part of this magnificent performance. The FOH Sound Engineer Gerd Druecker chose Audio Technica Mics for the performance. The show in Paris provided a great setting for all the microphones in their variety of different applications. There were four AT4041 cardioid condenser microphones used on percussions. The AT4041 is always a popular choice for both studio and live applications and the sound quality it produced on the night didn’t disappoint. Two AT4040 microphones were used on the two grand pianos; this great studio condenser microphone uses 48V Phantom Power. The AT4040 is very versatile; it’s no wonder that it was also Druecker's microphone of choice for the drums. Three AT4040 were also used on the drums. Four Artist Elite AE5100 cardioid condenser microphones were used on the violins and the cellos. The large-diaphragm capsule of the AE5100 proved a fantastic choice, the sound quality was excellent. Druecker was pleased with all the Audio Technica microphones he chose to use. However, he was particularly impressed with the AT4050, which was used on each of the soloists – tenor, bariton and soprano (Nikolaj Visnjakov, Nikolai Nekrassov and Ramona Eremia). After having used other famous microphone manufacturers for this position he was very impressed with his transfer to the AT4050 and found it surpassed previous microphones he had used. The AT4050 with its dual large-diaphragm design and two condenser elements provides warmth and ambience. Druecker has used the AT4050 for a long time, and recognises its excellent sound qualities and flexibility to be used in a variety of different situations. Therefore, he chose to use it for the Carmina Burana Monumental Opera in order to ensure the clear voices of the opera singers and maintain the magic and atmosphere of the opera. It was a totally new experience for each of the opera singers to have their own microphone and worked extremely well. Druecker knows that the AT4050 was the best microphone he could use, feeling that each of the soloists could perform to their best potential with this mic, which he described as warm and well produced. The Carmina Burana Monumental Opera world tour continues. Equipment List: 4 x AT4041 Percussion 1 Percussion 2 Percussion 3 Percussion 4 3 x AT4040 Drum 1 Drum 2 Drum 3 2 x AT4040 Piano 1 (Grand piano) Piano 2 (Grand piano) 1 x DI Piano/Cello 3 x AT4050 Solo 1 (vocals) Solo 2 (vocals) Solo 3 (vocals) 4 x AE5100 1. Violin 2. Violin Viola Cello 1 x AT835ST Atmo Stereo