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Sonic perfection from Audio-Technica’s micro-miniature in-ear loudspeakers

Leeds 08-28-2008 Audio-Technica, the leading Japanese manufacturer of high-performance microphones, headphones, wireless systems, mixers and electronic products for the home and professionals, will be attending IFA, the world’s largest Consumer Electronics Show, for the second consecutive year to reinforce its growing position as a leading manufacturer of high quality headphones.

Its latest offering in the field of hi-fi performance is an impressive performer in the popular in-ear format, delivering standards of sound quality previously unheard from such miniature headphones.

Unlike conventional earphones, the ATH-CK10 has an advanced dual balanced armature system housing two separate drivers making it the equivalent of having a two-way (with separate bass drivers and tweeters) high-fidelity loudspeaker inside each ear. This radical design offers an accurate, delicately precise playback so that you hear every subtle nuance of the music.

These miniature transducers incorporate neodymium magnets for maximum energy density giving a far more powerful output than the conventional Samarium Cobalt or Aluminum magnets and so ensuring the reproduction of a deep and powerful bass.

Designed with a simple and classic look these super compact earphones are equally ideal for the great outdoors as well as workouts in the gym.

These exceptional ATH-CK10 headphones - and more can be found on the Audio-Technica stand in Hall 1.2 Stand No: 111 at IFA, at Messe Berlin, 29 August to 3rd September 2008.