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Stow, OH 01-06-2011 At CES 2011, Audio-Technica is introducing its Solid Bass headphones, an all-new lineup that includes two over-ear and two in-ear models. Solid Bass headphones deliver impactful bass, along with smooth, accurate midrange and treble, for those who want to hear their music with power and punch and listen to hard rock, hip-hop, metal, electronica and other bass-driven music the way it was meant to be heard.

The Audio-Technica Solid Bass headphones include the over-ear ATH-WS70 and ATH-WS50 models (SRP: $149.95 and $99.95), and the in-ear ATH-CKS70 and ATH-CKS50 (SRP: $119.95 and $69.95).

Audio-Technica’s Solid Bass technology utilizes the company’s newly developed Dual Air Chamber System. In addition to the main air chamber that houses the driver, the earpieces have an additional chamber that operates in conjunction with a specially shaped housing to control and focus the air flow produced by the driver movement and expand its bass output.

The earpads on the ATH-WS70 and ATH-WS50 over-ear headphones further enhance bass response by providing an acoustic seal, attenuating outside noise and preventing sound leakage. The ear tips of the ATH-CKS70 and ATH-CKS50 in-ear models are designed for maximum bass response, with a new, movable two-position post that lets wearers adjust the ear tips for the best fit, sound isolation and low-frequency performance.

Audio-Technica Solid Bass headphones incorporate a host of additional refinements to provide clear, musically natural sound quality with depth and detail. The over-ear ATH-WS70 and ATH-WS50 utilize large-diameter drivers and powerful rare-earth magnets to convey music with presence and impact. The in-ear ATH-CKS70 and ATH-CKS50 feature Audio-Technica’s direct-diaphragm driver design that mounts the diaphragm assembly (the moving internal part that produces sound) directly onto the edge of the enclosure for increased fidelity and dynamic impact.

Audio-Technica will also be introducing new sports, portable and audiophile headphones in a variety of colors and styles, with details to be announced in 2011.

The Audio-Technica Solid Bass headphones have suggested retail prices as follows: ATH-WS70, $149.95; ATH-WS50, $99.95; ATH-CKS70, $119.95; ATH-CKS50, $69.95. They will be available February 2011.

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Audio-Technica is exhibiting at the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall Lower Level, Booth #20955 during CES 2011 in Las Vegas, NV.