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While on tour in support of No Doubtís latest release, Rock Steady, Front-of-House engineer John Kerns, chose a wide range of Audio-Technica microphones to cover just about every position on stage.

02-01-2003 ďI actually began using Audio-Technica microphones a bit later than a lot of people,Ē recalls Kerns, who has also worked with Bruce Springsteen, Shania Twain, Styx, Ringo Starr, and Stevie Nicks. ďI had decided to try some different microphone options, and kept running into all these A-T mics at the TV shows and large events. I thought they all sounded great, so I contacted Audio-Technica and got a selection of mics to try when No Doubt went into production rehearsals. I immediately liked what I heard!Ē On Adrian Youngís drum kits, Kerns utilized an ATM23HE for snare bottom and cowbell, AT3035s for overheads, and AT3031s on hi-hats. AT4060 and ATM25 mics were used for Tom Dumontís guitars, and an AT4047 was employed for Tony Kanalís bass guitar cabinet. In addition, No Doubt performed a live acoustic set on KROQ radio for which Kerns chose the AE3000s for percussion (congas, bongos, etc.), AE5100s on hi-hat and percussion overheads (hand toys), and the ATM25 for kick and snare. When Kerns reflects on the success he enjoyed with the A-T mics on the No Doubt tour, he sums up his feelings by saying, ďI gotta tell you, the consistency is great, the sound is great, and the durability is pretty amazing. I took only one of the AT4060 tube mics out with us, and I carried that thing all over the world ó two U.S. tours, a summer jaunt through the European festivals, Asia, Australia, checked the mic on airplanes, freight, et ceteraÖit held up beautifully and never had a problem. In fact, all of the A-T mics held up great through the year!Ē For the past 15 years, the unique musical style of No Doubt has kept them on the cutting edge of the rapidly evolving pop culture scene. Formed in early 1987, No Doubt started out playing the party-band circuit around their hometown of Anaheim, CA. The groupís diverse appeal and energetic performances attracted regional interest, and No Doubt were signed to Interscope Records in 1991. The bandís 1995 breakthrough Tragic Kingdom, which sold over 10 million albums worldwide, officially launched No Doubt as international superstars.