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FOH Brad Divens and Monitor Engineer Roger Pigman use a wide selection of A-T mics to capture Linkin Park’s live performances

09-01-2002 Linkin Park has had one of the most intense touring schedules of any band in recent years. As part of the Family Values and Project Revolution tours, they played a record number of 324 shows in 2001. Their debut CD, Hybrid Theory was nominated for three GRAMMY® awards in 2002, and the group won the Best Hard Rock Performance GRAMMY for the single “Crawling.” While out on tour, Linkin Park uses a wide array of Audio-Technica wired and wireless microphones to help capture their unique sound. Front-of-house (FOH) engineer Brad Divens and Monitor Engineer Roger Pigman are two of the key people responsible for engineering Linkin Park’s sound and equipment choices while on the road. Divens, who has worked with such diverse acts as Cindy Lauper, Monster Magnet and Machine Head, says he was sold on Audio-Technica mics from his first time using them. “Our monitor engineer Roger Pigman brought out a pair of AT4050’s for me to try on guitar and after I used them once, I was sold. I brought the channel strip up flat and it sounded like the guitar — I didn’t have to add anything or take anything away to try and manipulate the sound. It was simply the sound of the instrument, very smooth with presence. In fact, the miking on stage is all Audio-Technica. We’re using the ATW-7373x handheld wireless for vocals; the AT4050 on guitars and overheads; AT4054 on bass cabinets; ATM23HE for snare top and bottom; ATM25 on kick; ATM35’s on toms; AT4041 for ride; and AT4033 on hi-hat.” Monitor Engineer Roger Pigman, whose clients include Tommy Lee, Face to Face, KMFDM, and the past four WARP tours, concurs: “My initial draw to A-T was the AT4050. It was the first real microphone that I ever used. I’ve used it on the road as well as in the studio — I don’t think there is anything you can’t use an AT4050 on. I was out doing a support act that FOH Mick Hughes was on; he let me try them and from that day on I was sold on A-T. The AT4050 is probably the best guitar microphone out there. It’s also the most versatile and seems to create a dynamic range that no one else can touch.” In addition to the A-T wired mics, Linkin Park vocalists Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda are using the ATW-7373x handheld wireless system. Divens comments, “After evaluating all the wireless systems currently available, the A-T wireless just sounded more natural, and that’s what they were looking for.” Pigman adds, “I had less frequency interference issues with the A-T wireless than I’ve had with any other wireless system I’ve used. It’s the easiest to program and my artists like the ‘feel’ of the microphone. I think it’s the closest sounding to a wired mic that I have ever used, as well. Between two singers, we had seven sets of microphones out for two tours and that’s playing damn near every night, without a single problem.” It’s not only the products that have sold Linkin Park, Divens and Pigman on Audio-Technica — it’s the company. Pigman notes, “The biggest draw for me with Audio-Technica is that the mics sound great and the company has an unmatched level of product and customer support. I’ve dealt with all the majors and A-T is in a different league. They’re really responsive and care about their clients. This is a really big issue for me because when you are out on the road and you need something NOW, you need it NOW. And A-T always comes through. Plus, A-T is always willing to listen to both Brad and myself about trying their mics in non-traditional applications — I like that.”