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Channel 4 and E4’s latest reality TV show, THE SALON, is using Audio-Technica microphones to ensure that the watching audience miss none of the drama that has made the show such a big hit with viewers.

02-01-2003 The ES933 microphone, with its combination of broadcast quality sound and diminutive on-screen presence, has proved itself perfectly suited to the requirements of the show’s unique AV system, with a total of 33 units discretely suspended throughout the studio. Also on duty is an AT871WR boundary layer microphone. Originally developed for water sports broadcasts, the waterproof 871WR has been charged with the task of handling the high-humidity environment of the Sauna. Freelance sound supervisor, Oliver France, is responsible for specifying and running the audio system on behalf production company Endemol. Having enjoyed great successes working with Audio-Technica on the last two series of Big Bother, France had no hesitation in once again turning to A-T mics for THE SALON, as he explained during a rare break from the show. “As with Big Brother, this show employs a number of radio mics, but there are times and situations when those radio mics have to be removed or are simply ineffective, such as when a client is having their hair washed, and it is those private moments when a client and their stylist think they are safe from prying ears. It is those whispers that really make the show what it is and the ES933’s make sure that the watching audience never misses out on something juicy.“ Part of the wider Engineered Sound range of installation and broadcast products, the ES933’s are incredibly discrete and versatile, with a diameter of just 8mm and three interchangeable capsules allowing the engineer to suit the polar pattern to each application. The ES933’s in action on the shop floor of THE SALON are fitted with Audio-Technica’s proprietary MicroLIneä capsule, which, with a polar pick up of just 90° and superb off-axis rejection, behaves like a miniature shotgun microphone. The AT871WR is a waterproof uni-directional PZM microphone with a built in pre amplifier and a low profile steel housing