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Audio-Technica Takes Branco Stoysin to a Quiet Place

Leeds 08-22-2007 Branco Stoysin, the London based Yugoslav jazz guitarist, celebrating the 10th anniversary of his Sun Recordings label, has released his fifth album, Quiet Stream Breaks The Rocks, recorded entirely with Audio-Technica microphones in his own studio. The high sound quality on the recording is the result of a combination of high definition recording media and high quality Audio-Technica microphones; in particular the AT4040 large diaphragm condenser, which Branco has selected exclusively to record his guitars. The new recording features the regular trio, with Branco on acoustic guitars, Leslee Booth on six string contra bass, and Buster Birch on drums.

“I have searched for a long time for a microphone to reproduce the sound of my guitar precisely as I hear it,” explains Branco, “I have previously recorded with small condensers, and have tried all of the obvious large studio models, but nothing ever gave me high end signal clarity and truly reproduced the ‘attack’ of my guitar. That sound remained only in my head until I tried the Audio-Technica 40 Series.

“I tried a number of them, but it was the AT4040 that instantly produced the sound I had been searching for. It is a big mic with a really big sound. Smooth but with lots of attack, it reproduces all of the bite of my guitar. It also has a fantastic low frequency response, capturing all of the low end transients. I auditioned so many large condenser microphones, and nothing else ever gave me such a complete sense of realism. It blew me away immediately I heard it.”

Quite Stream Breaks The Rocks develops further Branco’s trademark fusion of jazz and traditional Yugoslav folk genres. Cris Parker, at Vortex Jazz describes the new album as comprising “traditional melodies and absorbing multi-tempo original pieces that marks him out as one of the most skilful, lyrical acoustic guitarists on the current scene”.

Branco and the band are currently appearing at venues across the UK, including a performance and CD signing at the famous Ray’s Jazz record store on London’s Charing Cross Road on 24th August, and appearances at Pizza Express Jazz club in London on 19th September and the International Guitar Festival of GB on 9th November at Birkenhead. For more information and dates go to

Branco has been based in the UK since leaving his native town of Novi Sad in the early nineties. His influences range across a breadth of jazz, classical and world music, in particular Brazilian music, alongside his native folk heritage. He has released four previous acclaimed albums on his Sun Recordings label (available through JazzCDs - and distributed by Proper Distribution UK).

Audio-Technica 40 Series
Audio-Technica’s top of the range 40 Series condenser microphones incorporate cutting-edge transducer design theory combined with state-of-the-art technology and engineering. The result is a superior microphone line of unsurpassed performance and value for money.

The AT4040 is a large diaphragm studio condenser model, designed for both high quality vocal and instrument recording. The externally polarized (DC bias) true condenser microphone offers exceptionally low noise, wide dynamic range and a high-SPL handling capability. The advanced large diaphragm is tensioned specifically to provide smooth, natural sonic characteristics. While the low-noise electronic circuitry is symmetrical and transformerless, providing exceptional transient response and transparent output signals, even under high-output conditions. The microphone is totally free of the distortion characteristics normally associated with conventional transformer-coupled outputs.