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Placebo have become the latest high profile band to fall in love with the Artist Elite series of microphones from Audio-Technica.

05-01-2002 The long time Audio-Technica endorsees are currently in the middle of a world tour supporting the recently released fourth album, ‘Sleeping With Ghosts’ and we caught up with Front of house engineer Ian Nelson during a rare day off to ask him why he thinks the Artist Elite’s are so well suited to high end live work. Nelson, who has an impressive track record which includes stints behind the desk for The Bluetones, The Sneaker Pimps, Pink and Johnny Marr, explained, “I had heard some really good things about the Artist Elite mics from other engineers, so when I found out that Placebo were A-T endorsees I was pleased that I would get the chance to check them out for myself.” Tests of the Artist Elite mics during production rehearsals at The Depot went well, so well in fact that Nelson chose to place a number of AE microphones alongside more established A-T mics across the stage. “I’ve got AT4050’s all over the back line and we’ve moved from AT4054’s to AE6100HE’s on all the vocals. The 6100’s are fantastic, very natural, and are particularly good for Brian, who has a tremendous range and a very unique sound. “I haven’t had a chance to test the AE2500 yet as that arrived a little late, but I am keen to check it out on Steve’s kick drum during the next set of production rehearsals, maybe for the summer festivals. The reports I have had have all been really positive, and getting a condenser and a dynamic capsule in perfect phase all in one mic body is pretty unique, so I am really looking forward to playing around with that one.” “I am hoping it’s as good as all the other AE mics, which are performing really well and seem particularly suited to the Yamaha PM1D digital desk I’ve got at FOH for this tour. They all seem to have a certain clarity to them which makes them a dream to mix.” ‘This picture’ the second single taken from Placebo’s album ‘Sleeping With Ghosts’ is released on June 9. A full list of tour dates can be found on-line at Placebo are part of the Audio-Technica endorsee family of internationally recognised artists, whose ranks include Metallica, The Charlatans, Alfie, The Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Linkin Park, McAlmont & Butler and No Doubt. For further details of which bands are using which mics visit Audio-Technica on-line at