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FOH Mixer Danny Perdieu employs A-T mics for a range of applications, crediting their exceptional and reliable onstage performance

New York, NY 10-10-2003 115th AES CONVENTION — Phil Vassar, winner of the 2002 Academy of Country Music Award for Top New Male Vocalist, has had a string of hit singles ever since he exploded on the country music scene three years ago. Helping to reinvigorate the genre, Vassar combines a traditional country approach with cutting-edge sound. His fresh, contemporary take on country music moves from rootsy accents of fiddle, mandolin, acoustic and steel guitar, to numbers that rock with a muscular pop sensibility. Touring relentlessly, Vassar ensures his music reaches audiences with gorgeous clarity, thanks to his use of Audio-Technica microphones.

“I’ve tried a lot of different wireless units, and Audio-Technica’s 4000 Series is the most reliable and best sounding by far,” remarks Vassar, who has also won awards for his songwriting from ASCAP and Billboard. Vassar uses the A-T Artist Elite® 4000 Series Wireless System with AEW-T3300 condenser handheld during live shows. “No matter where I run, on or off the stage, the consistent quality continues to astound me. I only want to use A-T from now on.”

That assessment is echoed by Danny Perdieu, Vassar’s longtime FOH Mixer and Tour Manager. “Phil’s voice is so strong that I needed a capsule that could capture everything about his voice,” Perdieu explains. “One thing I noticed about the T3300 capsule is that, despite the kind of pressure Phil was putting on it, it simply wasn’t distorting. That’s exactly what I need to get his in-your-face vocal approach across to the audience.” That ability to convey vocal nuance works in every level of venue, from the 1,500-seat theaters to the 8,000-seat arenas that Vassar has been through on tour this year. “I have not yet found a place where I could not use that microphone,” adds Perdieu.

Phil Vassar’s band members are also A-T users. Perdieu is using the new A-T AE2500 dual element mic on Angelo Collura’s kick drum. “Before, when I wanted to get a very low, solid ‘thump’ sound, I had to sacrifice the sound of the attack,” he states. “With the AE2500, I’m getting both, and I can even cut one element off for a ballad so it doesn’t overpower the vocals, then bring it back up in one of the faster songs. That ability makes a world of difference.” On the rest of the drum kit, Perdieu is using A-T’s ATM35’s on racks and floor toms and the A-T AE5100 on overheads. Three A-T AE3300’s are used for backup vocals onstage, and guitar cabinets are miked with the A-T AE3000.

Perdieu is a veteran road warrior, having previously done production managing for artists including Kevin Sharp and T. Graham Brown, as well as owning an SR company for six years, providing live sound for nationally known artists. Audio-Technica has played an important part in his professional life during these experiences. “A-T quality and service have been unbelievable,” Perdieu comments. “A-T’s wireless microphones can handle the full vocal range; they’re the only mics I’ve found that give me a real sonic ‘canvas’ to paint on.”

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