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For the third year running the television phenomenon that is Channel 4's Big Brother has Audio-Technica microphones positioned throughout the House.

07-01-2003 Occupying every single fixed mic point, the 31 Audio-Technica products were specified for the show by Sound Supervisor Oliver France, who, working in conjunction with Middlesex basedOBcompany, Roll to Record, designed and constructed the complicated audio system for BB4 on behalf of TV production company Endemol. There really is no escape for the contestants. Wherever they go in the house an Audio-Technica microphone picks up any sound, so that even when they take their personal radio mics off, the viewers hear every single word. When the contestants hear the infamous "This is the voice of Big Brother" they are listening to a member of the production crew speaking through an AT4050. When the house mates are in the house's wet rooms they are picked up by AT871WR waterproof boundary mics. During the weekly nominations in the diary room the nominators speak into an ES915/C gooseneck mic and when they are in bed, they each have an ES933/C suspended above their heads. Even the famous Big Brother chickens are covered by A-T mics, with seven AT4073a shotgun microphones hidden discreetly under rocks and in amongst the plant foliage outside the house, all ready to listen in to any conversations taking place in the garden and pool areas. Franceexplained why he chose to employ the A-T mics. "Audio-Technica has played a part in making the show what it is today. The help we have had from the company, it's wide and versatile range of mics and the level of reliability we have seen on the previous series of Big Brother meant that the decision to install A-T mics for BB4 was an easy one to make. They have never let us down and have provided a number of effective solutions to some fairly unusual requests." Screened 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for ten weeks and broadcast across a range of media (E4's live coverage, Channel 4's regular edited highlights, the Friday night eviction show and simulcast on the C4 website) Big Brother is a massive feat of television production. Audio-Technica is proud to add the show to its ever-growing list of high profile broadcast credits and would like to thank all the crew, and particularly Oliver, for once again placing its trust in A-T microphones.