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NBC Olympics, the division responsible for the U.S. broadcast of the Winter Olympics this year, working in conjunction with International Sports Broadcasting (ISB), the host audio-video provider, made a solid commitment to provide the most complete and in

05-01-2002 "We used a wide selection of Audio-Technica microphones to capture the sound and drama of the events," stated Bob Dixon, Project Manager/Sound Design for NBC Olympics. "The crisp and accurate imaging they offer helped us make the experience that much more exciting for viewers." Stereo sound played a key role in creating enhanced realism in NBC's broadcasts. Dixon notes that all of NBC's handheld field cameras had AT815ST Stereo Shotgun Microphones mounted on them. "When we cut to one of those cameras and opened up the microphones, viewers heard a stereo image containing not only the left and right placements, but some of the depth of the action as well. We also used the AT815ST and AT835ST Stereo Shotgun Microphones to capture stereo crowd ambience," he adds. "That really gave viewers a much better sense of what it's like to be at the venues." The AT849 Stereo Condenser Boundary Microphone has been a favourite of Dixon's for many years, dating back to when he covered hockey in Canada. "The AT849 is wonderful behind the goals, and I've been using them in that application for a long time," he explains. "It's very natural sounding and really follows the players well as they move from side to side around the goal." In addition, the AT4050 multi-pattern capacitor microphone, which is a leading choice in music recording applications, was right there in the NBC announcer booths, providing clean and open sound for the event commentators. The AT4071a Shotgun Microphone was used to gather downhill and cross-country skiing audio as the edges of the skis carve their paths through the snow. "The AT4071a provides very good discrimination between peripheral and on-axis sounds," Dixon explains. "A-T microphones, with their ability to accurately image and reproduce the sounds of the events, played a substantial role in our overall sound design. We're proud to have broadcast an exciting and great-sounding Winter Olympics this year," says Dixon. Audio-Technicaís market development manager, Paul Mason, oversaw the companyís involvement in the Games, and was equally delighted with the results. ďOf the 1000 A-T mics that were in operation across Salt Lake, operating in temperatures as low as Ė20 degrees, not one single failure was reported. A-T is selected time and time again because of this kind of performance, and it is not hard to understand why our mics have played such a key role in each of the last four Olympics.Ē