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Live Technologies Inc. brings an array of A-T microphones to the Symphony’s picnic table for its first year handling audio in the Picnic with the Pops summer series of concerts

New York, NY 10-10-2003 115th AES CONVENTION — When music lovers attended this year’s Picnic with the Pops summer series of concerts by the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, the sound proved more impressive than ever, thanks to an array of Audio-Technica microphones. The A-T microphones were integrated into the Orchestra’s live sound package by Live Technologies Inc., a full-service audio/lighting and installation production provider, also based in Columbus, OH. Aside from the direct-contact mics the Symphony owns, Live Technologies provided all area microphones, the vast majority of which were Audio-Technica.

“This is a very accomplished symphony orchestra, one of the best, and they need microphones that reflect that fact,” observes Tim Donel, Audio Operations Manager for Live Technologies. Donel also served as mixer for the Picnic with the Pops series, which ran from June through August on the grounds of Chemical Abstracts Services, a nonprofit organization based in Columbus. For the series, Donel chose from A-T’s wide selection of microphones. The woodwinds were covered using the AT4050, except the English horn, which was miked with an AE5100, and the flutes and piccolos, which used the AE3000. The Symphony’s brass section was also miked using the AE3000, with an AT4040 on the tuba. The harp used an AE5100, while percussion was miked with four AT3035 microphones.

“The A-T microphones have a remarkably natural sound to them, perfect for orchestral applications,” Donel explains. “The AT4050 especially has a tremendous clarity to it — when you set it front of anything, you know you’ll capture the instrument’s true sound. And when it comes to covering a lot of area, the AT4050 is an excellent choice. The AT3035 is a great dynamic microphone for percussion — it can take the snap but still give great transient response. The same goes for the AE3000, which we used on the brass section. They can handle a lot of SPL and still come back sounding great.

“Part of our mission in this first year of working with the Symphony was to bring its production values into the 21st century,” Donel continues, “and Audio-Technica played a major role in helping us and them achieve that.”

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