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Audio-Technica’s new ES Series Makes Deal Or No Deal a RFI Free Show

Channel 4’s successful daytime game show fits out with new UniGuard® equipped Engineered Sound® series microphones

Leeds 09-27-2007 Channel 4’s successful daytime game show fits out with new UniGuard® equipped Engineered Sound® series microphones.

Freelance broadcast sound designer Oliver France, who originally designed the sound for Deal Or No Deal, has replaced the game show’s inventory of 23 Audio-Technica Engineered Sound gooseneck contestant microphones, re-equipping the production with the newly re-engineered Engineered Sound Series models, featuring the unique UniGuard RFI protection circuitry.

The decision to deploy the new ES Series mics, was made to take advantage of the new RFI protection circuitry on set.

“There are large numbers of the public to marshal on this show, and some of them do sneak in with their mobile phones switched on in silent mode,” explains France, “The new RFI protected microphones provide us with a guarantee against that additional possibility of something else going wrong with a live studio audience. The RFI protection also guarantees against interference from other RF sources in the studio such as IEM systems and production talkback radio, and helps achieve an interference free signal.”

The 23 original ES Series goosenecks he equipped the production with last year have been replaced with 22 of the new ES915 with an 18 inch gooseneck, and a 21 inch gooseneck model to facilitate contestants using a wheelchair. The ES915 was chosen for both signal quality and aesthetic considerations.

“I’ve been using Audio-Technica for seven years now, ever since the first Big Brother,” he continues, “For Deal Or No Deal, with a large number of contestants placed behind long tables, I needed to use podium mics, but ones that would look as well as sound the part. They are a very elegant looking mic, an important consideration for the director as there are 22 of them on the set. They are also very adaptable, as they bend both at the bottom and the top, so I can get the head precisely where I need it to be.”

The re-engineered ES series, comprises a truly comprehensive assortment of 21 gooseneck, six hanging, two boundary, a lavalier and a handheld microphone, and utilises breakthrough audio and mechanical design improvements, to set new standards for signal quality, reliability, and ease of installation. Chief among these is the inclusion of UniGuard RFI-shielding, providing unsurpassed immunity from radio frequency interference; hugely important in today’s increasingly hostile RF environment. Since its introduction, the Engineering Sound series has been a first choice among leading contractors and system integrators.