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First shown at PLASA 2001, the new generation of ES microphones are now available.

03-01-2002 The ES wired microphones feature a new low-profile design with the added versatility of interchangeable elements for a variety of pickup patterns. A wide range of ES models is available, including gooseneck, hanging, boundary, lavalier and handheld mics that combine premium sound quality with consistent, dependable performance. This allows contractors the utmost in versatility when choosing components for demanding applications such as boardrooms, schools, council chambers, courtrooms and places of worship. In addition, a complete line of accessories is available, including new dual-stage windscreens, shock-mounts, mic hangers, clothing clips and mounting adapters. Engineered Sound microphones feature a choice of polar patterns. The gooseneck and hanging models are offered in cardioid, hypercardioid and MicroLineŽ versions, while the lavalier is offered in cardioid and omnidirectional. All elements, including an additional subcardioid element, are available separately. The new Engineered Sound line includes the following models: ES915 Adjustable-length Gooseneck Microphone ES917S Long Gooseneck Microphone with lighting on/off switch ES935 Short Gooseneck Microphone ES935S Short Gooseneck Microphone with lighting on/off switch ES933 Hanging Microphone with in-line power module ES933W White Hanging Microphone with in-line power module ES933PM Hanging Microphone with wall/ceiling-plate power module ES933PMW White Hanging Microphone with wall/ceiling-plate power module ES943 Lavalier Microphone ES961 Boundary Microphone ES961W White Boundary Microphone ES961P Boundary Microphone with 1/4-inch plug ES973 Handheld Condenser Microphone "The concept behind the new Engineered Sound line was to develop a series of low-profile mics that provides the contractor with great sounding, dependable, cost-effective miking solutions," stated Steve Savanyu, market manager for installed-sound products. "Audio-Technica has always provided contractors with practical solutions they could depend on year after year, and the new Engineered Sound microphones are just another example of that tradition."