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Audio-Technica Provides UniGuard® RFI Protection for New Engineered Sound® Integrator Mic Series

Audio-Technica has completely re-engineered its premier Engineered Sound® integrator microphone line, introducing over 30 new models featuring the company’s unique UniGuard® RFI protection technology

Leeds 05-30-2007 Audio-Technica has completely re-engineered its premier Engineered Sound® integrator microphone line, introducing over 30 new models featuring the company’s unique UniGuard® RFI protection technology.

Since its introduction, the Engineering Sound series has been a first choice among leading contractors and system integrators. The re-engineered ES series, comprises a truly comprehensive assortment of 21 gooseneck, six hanging, two boundary, a lavalier and a handheld microphone, and utilises breakthrough audio and mechanical design improvements, to set new standards for signal quality, reliability, and ease of installation. Chief among these is the inclusion of UniGuard RFI-shielding, providing unsurpassed immunity from radio frequency interference; hugely important in today’s increasingly hostile RF environment.

Redesign of the series has also allowed for removal of substances specified in the EU’s RoHS directive, making the series fully compliant. Other new features include superior off-axis rejection for improved gain before feedback, and 80 Hz UniSteep® filter for removal of unwanted low frequencies without affecting vocal signal quality. Four new interchangeable elements lend additional flexibility, with cardioid, hypercardioid and omnidirectional elements offered, as well as the MicroLine™ (90º pickup pattern).

ES gooseneck microphones are designed for a full range of conferencing and presentation applications. The improved, easy-to-adjust, small-diameter gooseneck with virtually no “memory” permits smooth, quiet and quick positioning into the desired shape. The goosenecks’ super-robust design also resists inadvertent repositioning. Boundary models offer outstanding speech intelligibility, with superior off-axis rejection and maximum gain-before-feedback, for conference tables and a whole host of discrete, challenging reinforcement applications.

The new overhead microphones are ideal for speech, theater, orchestral and choir sound reinforcement or recording. With robust construction, unobtrusive appearance, and unsurpassed immunity to radio frequency interference, these hanging mics offer advanced, versatile sound-reinforcement solutions. The ES973 hypercardioid condenser microphone offers smooth, accurate audio reproduction for handheld and fixed-mount applications. The microphone’s special internal shock mounting eliminates virtually all handling and cable noise. The discreet-design ES943 cardioid, condenser clip microphone offers maximum intelligibility and minimum visibility for quality sound reinforcement, professional recording, television and other demanding sound pickup applications.

UniGuard® RFI protection technology
Audio-Technica’s proprietary UniGuard Radio Frequency Interference protection comprises 13 separate patents, providing a total system for RFI protection, that impacts on every aspect of the design of the new Engineered Sound microphone series. The increasing proliferation of RF emissions, from cellphones, computers, monitors and the like, in everyday commercial and enterprise environments, increasingly presents a challenge for installation sound and integrated AV systems. Likewise, in broadcast and other reinforcement applications, the effects of lighting and effects, video screens, and the various remote control and automation systems, can produce many forms of interference in microphones. Each UniGuard protected microphone is a completely shielded enclosure, offering paint-free connection points, custom RFI-shielding, and filtering on all input and output connectors. Audio-Technica has also improved each microphone’s shield termination to solve the pin 1 problem, a common source of RF interference in condenser microphones.

For added flexibility, Audio-Technica has developed a dedicated crimp tool and special RFI shields for TA3F, TA5F and XLR connectors, to enable contractors to shorten cables and correctly reinstall connectors while maintaining the highest level of RFI immunity.