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Flexibility And Security With Audio-Technica’s ATCS-60 IR Conferencing System

Leeds 12-11-2008 The new Audio-Technica ATCS-60 wireless conferencing system is designed to deliver exceptional versatility and functionality in an easily-configurable hardware/software package. The system’s infrared communication between delegate microphone units and master control unit ensures increased security over UHF and 2.5Ghz-based systems, with signals unable to pass through conference venue walls.

The scope of the ATCS-60’s functions allow for large-scale conferences to be handled with ease. Up to 150 delegates can be catered for with its ATCS-M60 delegate units in manual mode (50 in automatic mode) and the flexible routing and multi-channel operation of the system can handle simultaneous interpretation involving one native and three foreign languages.

The component parts of the ATCS-60 comprise the following:

ATCS-M60 delegate unit – with unique DSP voice detection, built-in loudspeaker, headphone output and four monitor channels to allow for multiple language translations.

ATCS-60MIC – a double-gooseneck hypercardioid condenser microphone with XLR connection to the M60 delegate unit. Available in regular (43cm overall length) or long (ATCS-L60MIC, overall length 58cm) versions.

ATCS-C60 master control unit – the 19” rackmountable ATCS-C60 can be configured to control functions including the number of delegate units with priority settings, select ‘automatic’ or traditional ‘button press’ modes, adjust threshold for automatic mode and output up to five separate audio channels via software.

ATCS-A60 IR transmitter/receiver – the wall or ceiling mounted A60 connects to the C60 master control unit via BNC coaxial cable. Use of separate ATCS-D60 distributor units allows up to sixteen A60 transmitter/receivers to be used simultaneously to cover larger venues.

ATCS-C60MAG software – the standard version of the ATCS-60 Conference Manager software is supplied free of charge with each C60 master control unit. The software allows complete control over all basic functions of the system including number of speakers, speaker order, individual volume, thresholds and audio routing for interpretation integration.

In addition, use of the extended version of the C60MAG software (C60MAG-REG) further increases the capabilities of the ATCS-60. Audio recording and minute taking are possible with the enhanced software – as is video recording, with programmability to allow cameras to follow the delegate unit currently in use. This innovative feature makes the ATCS-60 ideal for video-conferencing and conference relay with the minimum of set-up obstacles.

The ATCS-60 is the latest in a series of groundbreaking infrared conference system products from Audio-Technica. A pioneer in the field, the company’s expertise has been demonstrated through the development of the ATIR infrared microphone in 1996, the launch of the 150 microphone-capacity ATCS-50 system in 2000 and the first fully automatic, hands-free conference system with voice detection in 2007.