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Birmingham’s Music Live 2002 exhibition gives the UK public its first opportunity to check out the new Artist Elite series of live microphones and to witness the UK re-launch of the Sabine feedback exterminators.

10-01-2002 Stand A70 Audio-Technica has worked with many of the worlds leading artists, sound engineers and touring companies to create the very best microphones available to the live performance industry. The result is Artist Elite, a range of premium microphones consisting of four handheld (two condenser, two dynamic) and three instrument microphones, all built to the same exacting standards of superb live performance and road tough design. Featuring hi-pass filters, internal shock mounting, high SPL capabilities and tailored polar patterns, Artist Elites microphones bring a new level of clarity to live performance. The perfect compliment to the Artist Elite series is a range of products from U.S. manufacturer Sabine and Audio-Technica are pleased to have recently signed an exclusive agreement for the distribution of the brand in the UK. Sabine offers an ideal range of products for musicians who play gigs in venues with difficult and problematic layouts and provides a solution for all sizes of live rigs and for every budget. Feedback howl is the main enemy of the gigging musician and, whether placed on a single channel or on the output signal of a mixer, Sabine’s FBX (Feedback exterminator) products have the ability to automatically isolate those frequencies with the potential to feedback. Once identified the FBX technology automatically places a narrow filter (10th width of a traditional EQ filter) on the troublesome frequency, and leaves both the gain and the integrity of the audio signal in tact. Stand number is A70.