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Producers David Huff and Kurt Howell choose the AT4060 for Laura Turner’s landmark debut recording, citing the mic’s unique ability to faithfully capture the essence of this incredibly eclectic artist

New York, NY 10-10-2003 115th AES CONVENTION — Described by Billboard as incorporating musical elements of Sara Brightman, Enya, and Madonna, Laura Turner’s eagerly awaited debut recording on Curb Records promises to bridge the domains of pop and classical music in spectacular style. Capturing that eclectic mix, dubbed “popera” by critics, is a distinct challenge — one that ultimately only the Audio-Technica AT4060 microphone proved capable of meeting. The AT4060 was the vocal microphone of choice for record producers David Huff and Kurt Howell on Turner’s first major-label recording, which was released this past August. The album was recorded at several studios in Nashville and Dublin, Ireland, including Ocean Way, Stillwater Studios, and Dobbs Palace, and was mixed by George Massenberg.

“Laura has a tremendous voice with incredible dynamics and range,” notes co-producer David Huff. “She’s combining the worlds of pop and classical music, and that’s a real challenge. She can go from a quiet whisper to a soaring chorus in the space of a moment, and that’s the kind of voice that melts amplifiers.” Knowing the scope of the project, Huff and co-producer Kurt Howell decided to audition microphones to see which one could convey this remarkable talent consistently. Amid a cluster of classic vintage microphones, it was the Audio-Technica AT4060 that showed its mettle, winning hands down and becoming Turner’s vocal microphone for the entire project. Huff adds, “We also used it for the background vocals and the cello parts we recorded at my studios.”

At Howell’s Stillcreek Studios recording facility, the producers positioned Turner approximately 3 to 4 inches from the AT4060 and helped her subtly “work” the microphone. “She didn’t have to move a lot, which helped keep her focused,“ says Huff. “Even just a few inches was more than enough for the AT4060 to interpret her dynamics. It’s a very sensitive but forgiving microphone. It’s great at catching the nuances of the music but at the same time it’s not overwhelmed by the power of her voice. On some of the vintage microphones we used, there would be points where her power would bring out a certain unmusical midrange aspect to the sound. But the AT4060 was musical across the frequency spectrum. I’ve used the AT4060 on all types of music — pop, rock, country, urban, and now classical. It’s become the microphone I reach for first on any project.”

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