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Thanks to Audio-Technica’s wireless mic technology Bush front man Gavin Rossdale had thousands of fans rocking along with him during his off-stage jaunts during the band's recent Golden State tour of Europe and North America.

10-01-2002 The gruelling ten-month tour, which included rock festivals and venues such as the prestigious Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles, saw the band using a variety of Audio-Technica mics for live work for the very first time. As monitor engineer Charlie Bradley explained the band was delighted with the performance of the equipment, especially the ATW7373 radio mic system used by singer and guitarist Rossdale. He said: "Gavin's very entertaining and seems to disappear off into the crowd at will to finish a song. "As soon as he did I'd send an assistant our to follow him and he'd have to fight his way through the crowd with the radio mic for the vocals. "Gavin was out there performing in the middle of the crowd but the radio mic system was amazing and coped with it all really well. " With Bush the stage volume is huge and it was great to have mics that sounded so smooth, had a great range and offered really good feed-back rejection. The band were really happy with the sound and performance. "It was the first time most of the band had used any Audio-Technica stuff live but myself and Front of House Engineer Kevin Elson have been using it for quite a while and knew the mics were going to do the job.'' Currently touring with Toploader (FROM END OF SEPTEMBER) Bradley has also been working with long-standing Audio-Technica endorsees McAlmont and Butler to promote their latest album Bring It Back.