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Working in close association with the BBC, Audio-Technica provided over 1000 microphones for the broadcast coverage of the 2002 Commonwealth Games.

09-01-2002 A-T microphones accounted for every wired microphone position throughout the Games 16 venues. A huge variety of different Audio-Technica models were employed, ranging from water proof boundary layers used to capture the sound of divers entering the water, ES935MLslim line gooseneck’s positioned at 8m intervals around the athletics track, and AT880 contact mics placed throughout the Velodrome, gymnastic and field events. The revolutionary AT895 digital array microphone system also played a key role in the BBC’s coverage of the largest broadcast event the UK has ever seen. Planning for the audio coverage was the responsibility of BBC Sound supervisor Tim Davies, and he had no hesitation in turning to Audio-Technica following his positive experiences with the mics during the Olympic Games in Atlanta (1996) and Sydney (2000). Davies was very Impressed by the performance of all of the 1000+ Audio-Technica microphones on Games duty, but picked out the AT895’s which were employed in the City of Manchester Stadium for special praise. “Because the PA and the stadium were so loud we went to hand holding the AT895’s and the effects we got were just stunning. Take the high jump as an example. We could almost use just one AT895 to hear everything in incredible detail; all the footfalls as the athletes approach, their breath as they jump and the climatic landing. "During the Games I had people ringing me to say that the mics sounded fantastic.” Audio-Technica is proud of its sporting tradition, and has already signed a deal with the host broadcaster of the Athens 2004 Olympics to provide a similar level of support.