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— Audio-Technica’s award-winning SpectraPulse® products use Ultra Wideband (UWB) Technology to deliver teleconference audio with ultimate security and no interference —

Stow, OH 12-03-2008 Audio-Technica announces that its award-winning SpectraPulse® technology has been selected for the newly-remodeled boardroom for a high-profile Menlo Park, California-based venture capital group. California corporate system integrator Anderson Audio Visual chose SpectraPulse to provide clear, secure wireless audio for the boardroom’s teleconferencing system. A completely new application of Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology, SpectraPulse bypasses the increasingly congested RF environment to deliver clear, intelligible, secure audio without the performance and setup issues associated with conventional wireless systems.

“In boardroom settings, clients often have problems with group conference calls, in which the parties on both ends of the call have difficulty hearing the audio,” said Andrew Hancox, Anderson Audio Visual representative. “So we had to design a system that would help them make the calls more effective. In addition, security was a concern, as these calls are often confidential and they need to be certain that no one else has access to the frequency, and also that no other devices can interfere with the clear signal. Additionally, milling their existing boardroom table to accommodate wired microphones was not an option, because it has moving panels on the top that need to be operational. We decided on SpectraPulse not only because it provides remarkably clear audio, and the system is easy to set up and stow, but also because A-T’s use of Ultra Wideband technology more than meets the users’ security needs.”

When in use, the system consists of seven Audio-Technica mtu101 Microphone Transmitter Units (in a boundary mic design), which can be easily removed from the conference table and placed in the cei007 Charger Encryption Interface, located in a nearby credenza. These mics operate in conjunction with the drm141 Digital Receiver Module, which is mounted in the ceiling and is connected via Category 5 (Cat 5 cable) to the aci707 Audio Control Interface, which permanently resides in an equipment closet adjacent to the conference room. Other products are integrated into the system and all are controlled via an AMX Touch Panel, which is used for phone dialing and settings. The aci707 connects via a RS-232 cable for control of its encryption settings.

“The client is thrilled with it,” stated Hancox. “It was a bit of a change for them, but after their first call they were very happy. The reports from the far end were that people could hear them much better and it made the calls more effective, obviously making the project a unanimous success.”

To demonstrate the system’s immunity to outside signals, Anderson Audio Visual representatives tested it with a number of PDAs and wireless handheld devices in use, which routinely cause interference with non-SpectraPulse systems. Hancox stated, “Key personnel at the end user were very impressed. We had several BlackBerry®-type devices in there, and the system was absolutely impervious to the tick.”

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