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— Multi-Emmy® Award winner for television sports audio chooses Audio-Technica’s AT815ST and AT825 microphones for NASCAR events —

New York, NY 10-02-2007 123rd AES CONVENTION — Fred Aldous has been a broadcast audio consultant and mixer for over 20 years. As a multi-Emmy® Award winner (for television sports audio), Aldous has worked on FOX Sports’ Super Bowls, the Olympics, multiple World Series games, and is credited with forging new ground for live surround mixing in sports. Recently, Aldous has selected Audio-Techica’s AT815ST Stereo Shotgun Microphone and AT825 OnePoint® X/Y Stereo Field Recording Microphone to capture the audio for NASCAR.

As the number-one spectator sport in the U.S., with 75 million fans purchasing over $2 billion licensed products annually, NASCAR has some of the most brand-loyal fans in all of sports. As a result, Aldous needs to supply the highest quality audio for every race. “I chose to use a combination of AT815ST’s and AT825’s to capture the audio of a NASCAR race,” Aldous explained. “In order to get a nice stereo image in a small package that can handle the extreme sound pressure levels that come from the cars on the track, I put AT815ST’s on all of my 'high-up' cameras, which are located at the very top of the grandstands. Because of the 815’s size, it mounts directly on the camera, is not bulky and, hence, does not interfere with the cameramen doing their job. Plus, because it has three different patterns that range from stereo-narrow to stereo-wide to mid-side, I am able to dial in exactly what I need. Using the mid-side setting, I get a very realistic left-to-right stereo image as the cars are going through the shot. And for the viewing audience, it adds an extra dimension of realism.”

To further enhance the broadcast audio of NASCAR, Aldous is also using Audio-Technica’s AT825 OnePoint® X/Y Stereo Field Recording Microphone. He continues, “We put the AT825’s up on the top of the catch fence around the track. Because of the pick-up pattern, the 825 gives us a really nice additional left-to-right audio image when the car passes through the camera shot — the fans love it.”

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