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Model Behaviour, Channel 4ís reality-TV game show, employed Audio-Technica microphones as an integral part of its sound system.

04-01-2002 The show, currently screening on T4 every Sunday morning, which started with over 10,000 contestants, follows the five finalists as they compete for a big break in the glamorous world of modelling, with the winner receiving a years modelling contract with one of the UK leading agencies and an appearance as cover girl for Cosmopolitan magazine. Kevin Amos, Freelance sound recordist, was commissioned to design and install the audio system for the program on behalf of Princess Productions, and he chose to rely on Audio-Technica microphones, suspending AT933RXW/C mics from the ceilings of the trendy London apartment the girls called home for the duration of the series, taking a live feed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Kevin's choice came about as a result of recommendations he received from friends working as part of the Big Brother sound crew, prompting him to visit the Audio-Technica website to investigate whether the hanging mics which were in action in the famous Bow house would also be suitable for Model Behaviour. Kevin said, "The A-T site is really helpful. I found all the technical specifications I needed to convince me that the 933's would be perfect, so I checked them out. "They sound great, really clean and open. On the aesthetic front, they are even smaller in real life than they appear in the literature, so they are incredibly unobtrusive, especially the white versions I used in the flat. I'm really pleased with the results and I am not at all surprised that AT933's are used so often for this kind of project." Kevin had some previous experience of A-T having used an AT835ST stereo microphone on a recent production job for the Bravo Channel, but was surprised by the sheer size of the range. "I knew of the stereo mics and of the AT895 which have created a real buzz in the industry, but I had no idea just how many broadcast capable products Audio-Technica now produce. As the jobs come along, I am sure I will find myself using A-T more and more."