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— Seven new wireless accessories are the latest in A-T’s expanding line of wireless microphone systems solutions —

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Photo caption: Pictured is the Audio-Technica ATW-DA49 UHF antenna distribution system.

Photo caption: Shown L-R are two Audio-Technica ATW-49CB active antenna combiners, ATW-RCS1 remote momentary-mute cough switch, ATW-RMS1 remote mute switch (top), and two ATW-49SP active antenna splitters.

Orlando, FL 06-07-2006 INFOCOMM — Audio-Technica has introduced several new accessories for its wireless microphone systems. The comprehensive A-T line has added two new antennas and three antenna accessories: the ATW-DA49 UHF active unity-gain antenna distribution system, the ATW-49CB active antenna combiner kit, ATW-49SP active antenna splitter kit, and the ATW-A54P and ATW-A64P UHF powered dipole antennas. In addition, two new mute switches — the ATW-RMS1 remote mute switch and ATW-RCS1 remote momentary-mute switch — have also been added, rounding out A-T’s expanding line of wireless microphone systems accessories. The ongoing development of these wireless accessories is based on extensive in-the-field research and user input, further emphasizing Audio-Technica’s commitment to supplying high-quality products for all segments of the wireless market.

The Audio-Technica ATW-DA49 UHF active unity-gain diversity antenna distribution system enables one pair of antennas to feed multiple wireless systems. Designed to complement Audio-Technica’s 2000 and 3000 Series wireless systems, it is also suitable for A-T’s Artist Elite® 4000 and 5000 Series wireless systems as well as many other wireless systems operating within the 440-900 MHz range. One ATW-DA49 unit can support up to four wireless receivers directly; each receiver output may also be used to supply signal to an additional ATW-DA49 unit, supporting a total maximum of up to 16 wireless systems in a tiered configuration. All RF connectors are BNC-type; 10 BNC-to-BNC RF interconnect cables, as well as ATW-RM1 rack-mount hardware kit, are included.

The ATW-49CB active antenna combiner kit includes two active antenna combiners designed for use with Audio-Technica Artist Elite 5000 and 4000 Series UHF wireless receivers and ATW-A49 LPDA antennas. The active antenna combiner provides unity gain to compensate for RF signal loss when combining signals. Each active antenna combiner is a broadband device (frequency range from 440 to 900 MHz) that joins two incoming RF signals into one outgoing RF signal. One set of Active Antenna Combiners enables two sets of antennas to feed one wireless receiver or distribution system. Each kit includes two dual-input, one-output active antenna combiners and two 18” BNC-to-BNC RG 58 coaxial antenna cables. In addition, the ATW-49CB is suitable for use with a variety of other receivers and antennas.

The Audio-Technica ATW-49SP active antenna splitter kit includes two active antenna splitters for use with Audio-Technica 4000 and 5000 Series UHF wireless receivers and ATW-A49 LPDA antennas. The active antenna splitter provides unity gain so there is no RF signal loss from the original antenna signal. Each active antenna splitter is a broadband device (frequency range from 440 to 900 MHz) that splits an incoming RF signal into two identical outgoing RF signals. One set of active antenna splitters enables one set of antennas to feed wireless receivers of different frequency bands. Each kit includes two one-input, two-output active antenna splitters, four 18” BNC-to-BNC RG 58 coaxial antenna cables and two BNC-to-BNC barrel adapters.

The ATW-A54P and ATW-A64P UHF powered dipole antennas (operating in the 541-567 MHz and 655-681 MHz ranges respectively), when used in a pair configuration, provide effective signal pickup for diversity UHF wireless systems when longer antenna cable runs are required. Designed for temporary or permanent installation, these antennas are powered by 12V DC provided on the antenna cable by the associated receiver or antenna distribution system. An internal gain-setting switch permits selection of +10 or +4 dB operation. Screw-terminal connections in the ATW-A54P and ATW-A64P antennas are compatible with RG58-type or RG8-type RF transmission cables.

The ATW-RMS1 remote mute switch allows the user to mute their Audio-Technica wireless microphone quickly and easily. Designed for sporting-event referees, ministers, public speakers and anyone needing the ability to mute a wireless A-T microphone, the ATW-RMS1 is installed between the wireless microphone and its associated UniPak™ wireless body-pack transmitter using an HRS-type connector. Featuring a robust toggle switch with positive on/off function, the all-metal ATW-RMS1 is ruggedly constructed to withstand years of use. It comes with a 22" attached cable and a durable belt clip.

The ATW-RCS1 remote momentary-mute/cough switch was developed for ministers, public speakers or anyone who needs to momentarily mute their Audio-Technica AT892cW MicroSet® headworn wireless microphone or other A-T wireless mic. Featuring a large, heavy-duty pushbutton switch and all-metal construction, the ATW-RCS1 is easily accessible even under clothing. It comes with a 22" cable terminated with an HRS-type connector and is built for years of reliable use. A durable belt clip is also provided.

The Audio-Technica Wireless accessories are currently available (except ATW-DA49 available in September 2006) with U.S. MSRPs as follows:

ATW-DA49 $499.00 MSRP
ATW-49CB $298.00 MSRP
ATW-49SP $298.00 MSRP
ATW-A54P $898.00 MSRP
ATW-A64P $898.00 MSRP
ATW-RMS1 $149.00 MSRP
ATW-RCS1 $149.00 MSRP

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