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FIGURE 5: Pulpit/Lectern
Audio-Technica offers a selection of gooseneck-style condenser microphones that are ideal for pulpit or lectern miking (Fig. 5). Each offers exceptional feedback rejection and very natural sound quality. Their low-reflectance black finish and slim profile make them nearly invisible to the congregation.

FIGURE 6: Adapter Mount; Quick Mount
While sharing similar sonic characteristics, the different models provide choices in mounting method (Fig. 6), mic height and directionality. Adapter-mount models attach to the threads on all standard microphone stands, shock mounts and mounting flanges. Some can be powered by either an internal AA penlight battery or phantom power. Quick-mount models plug directly into a surface-mount XLR-type (professional 3-pin) connector mounted on the pulpit, or a special shock mount designed for this purpose. Quick-mount models receive their power from a phantom power supply.

Where cables cannot be run unobtrusively, or a pulpit or lectern must be moved often, the adapter-mount models can be used with an A-T UniPakô wireless system transmitter to create a "wireless" lectern.

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