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What is Podcasting?

Podcasting allows audio files to be downloaded automatically, stored in your computer, and listened to when you choose, either on your computer or on a portable player that has synched up with your computer.

What do I need to subscribe to a podcast?

To subscribe to a podcast you need a computer connected to the internet and a piece of software built for podcast subscription, available free from iTunes and other sources. Follow your program's instructions for subscribing. Once you have subscribed, the podcast will be downloaded automatically and stored in your computer.

How to subscribe to a podcast

If you use iTunes:

  • Click on the box containing the podcast's URL (link).
  • Copy the link.
  • Go to the iTunes "Advanced Menu."
  • Select "Subscribe to Podcast."
  • Paste the podcastís URL (link) into the subscription field.

Depending on what software you use, this process may change; follow your program's instructions for subscribing.