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Group or Area

Certain situations, such as dramas or children's programs, necessitate picking up sound from an area rather than from a specific person in one spot. One solution is to use suspended microphones, miking the area as you would a choir.

However, for temporary situations, or where architecture makes hanging microphones impractical, a miniature cardioid gooseneck microphone mounted on a floor stand provides excellent sensitivity and "zone" coverage while its slim design makes it visually unobtrusive. Generally, one such microphone will work well to pick up duets, trios and quartets.

Boundary microphones also offer inconspicuous miking possibilities, particularly for dramas where they may be placed on hard, flat-surface props or set on the floor when feedback is not a factor. Note that if stage-monitor speakers are used, or if high volume levels must be achieved, individual close-miking is normally required.

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