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Audio-Technica pioneered miniature hanging microphones, which offer the long reach and smooth, wide-range response required for professional-quality choir miking. Their small size and light weight allow them to hang inconspicuously above the choir by their own cable, without unsightly guylines. A supplied wire hanger adapter allows the microphone to be aimed with precision. Models come with either an in-line power module or a ceiling-plate power module that easily flush-mounts in the ceiling or wall. (The power modules contain internal electronics needed by the microphones in order to operate, yet because of their miniature design, are too small to hold. These power modules should not be confused with the phantom power supplies mentioned earlier.) The entire assembly, including microphone housing, hanger and miniature cable, is available in black or white, allowing it to blend visually with dark or light settings.

Figure 7 - Vertical Positioning
A cardioid microphone's 120 acceptance angle provides well-balanced overhead pickup. The microphone should be located forward of the front-most source, above the rear-most source and "aimed" between them (Fig. 7). Increasing the height of the mic above the sources will tend to equalize sound levels between them, but may also increase background/reverberant sound pickup. Whenever possible, the distance from the mic to the rear-most pickup should be no more than twice the distance to the front source, to maintain front-to-rear balance (Fig. 7).

Figure 8 - Horizontal Positioning
Width of pickup is approximately three times the distance to the closest performer. If additional mics are needed for wide sources, they should not be closer together laterally than three times their distance to the front source (Fig. 8).

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