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A new line of portable headphones

Clear & natural high-fidelity sound does more than please the senses: It nourishes the soul. Introducing new in-ear, on-ear & over-ear headphones from Audio-Technica. Whether you’re after pristine sound quality, long-wearing comfort, or eye-catching design—there is no better way to experience the clarity of the audio signal. Wherever your music takes you, experience more.

In-Ear Headphones
The new in-ear models achieve significant attenuation of outside sound, allowing for increased fidelity and acoustic impact at lower volume levels. In-ear models include:

  • ATH-CK52A In-Ear Headphones combine outstanding sound quality with total comfort and convenience. Suggested Retail Price US$59.99.

  • ATH-CKM50A In-Ear Headphones are equipped with a newly optimized direct diaphragm mount for increased fidelity and acoustic impact. Suggested Retail Price US$79.99.

  • ATH-CK9 In-Ear Headphones offer a balanced armature driver for crisply detailed high-fidelity audio. Suggested Retail Price US$249.99.

  • ATH-CK6A In-Ear Headphones include three interchangeable loop support pieces to ensure a secure fit for any wearer. Suggested Retail Price US$79.99.

  • ATH-CK7A Titanium In-Ear Headphones feature titanium construction for durability, light weight, and portability. They deliver outstanding isolation from distracting background noise. Suggested Retail Price US$179.99.

  • ATH-CK10 In-Ear Headphones are among the top-quality in-ear headphones on the market. They are equipped with a dual balanced armature driver and a compact design that fits perfectly and comfortably in the ears. Suggested Retail Price US$399.99.

ATH-PRO5MSA Stereo Headphones
Fashion meets function with the ATH-PRO5MSA camouflage closed-back dynamic stereo headphones. Suggested Retail Price US$99.99. These headphones are also available (for the same suggested retail price) without the camouflage as
  • Rotating earpieces with camouflage housings

  • 40 mm neodymium drivers, CCAW voice coils

  • Circumaural design ensures superior isolation

  • Adjustable cushioned headband

  • Gold-plated 3.5 mm stereo mini-plug, 1/4" adapter

  • Ultra-flexible coiled cable with left-side entry

ATH-ON3A Portable Headphones
With an ultra-light, adjustable headband and generously cushioned earpads, the ATH-ON3A create an amazingly comfortable, custom fit. Suggested Retail Price US$59.99.
  • Crystal-clear, high-performance audio

  • Ultra-light headband & cushioned earpads

  • 30 mm drivers for impactful, natural sound

  • Housings swivel for fold-flat portability

  • 4 ft (1.2 m) Y cord & gold-plated mini-plug

  • Available in black

ATH-ES7 Portable Headphones
The sleek ATH-ES7 offer stainless steel housings and outstanding acoustic performance. Suggested Retail Price US$169.99.
  • Luxurious ear cushions for maximum comfort and isolation

  • CCAW voice coils provide efficient signal transfer

  • New 42 mm drivers for clear reproduction

  • 4 ft (1.2 m) Y cord

  • Gold-plated 3.5 mm stereo mini-plug

  • Available in black (BK) and white (WH) models

ATH- FC700A Portable Headphones
Designed for pristine sound quality, long-wearing comfort & aesthetic design— the ATH- FC700A headphones deliver a real sense of depth to the sonic image. Suggested Retail Price US$99.99.
  • New 40 mm neodymium drivers for outstanding sound

  • Sealed design prevents sound leakage

  • Headphones fold for compact portability

  • Includes lightweight storage pouch, 1.6 ft cord with 3 ft extension and gold-plated mini-plug

  • Available in 4 colors, Black (BK), White (WH), Red (RD) and Purple (PL)

ATH- ES3A Portable Headphones
The sleek ATH- ES3A offers pristine sound quality, long-wearing comfort, vibrant metallic finish, and portable design. Suggested Retail Price US$79.99.
  • Vibrant metallic finish, fold-flat design

  • Large-diameter 28 mm neodymium drivers for exceptional clarity

  • 4 ft (1.2 m) Y cord & gold-plated mini-plug

  • Storage pouch included

  • Available in two colors: Black (BK) and Silver (WH)

ATH-ESW9A Portable Wooden Headphones
Wooden housings made of African Paddock not only look great—they contribute to the superior acoustic reproduction that these beautiful ATH-ESW9A headphones offer. Suggested Retail Price US$449.99.
  • Wooden housings made of African Paddock for superior acoustic reproduction

  • Specially designed 42 mm drivers deliver outstanding audio

  • Soft earpads provide luxurious comfort

  • Headphones fold for compact portability

  • Includes protective pouch

ATH-SQ5A Stereo Headphones
Audio-Technica’s ATH-SQ5A headphones offer a foldable design with rectangular headphone cups, and impactful sound, thanks to large-aperture 40 mm drivers with CCAW voice coils. Suggested Retail Price US$149.99.
  • High-fidelity sound, thanks to 40 mm drivers, CCAW voice coils

  • Foldable design with rectangular headphone cups

  • Generously cushioned earpads and headband offer long-wearing comfort

  • Gold-plated 3.5 mm stereo mini-plug

  • Available in black