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Audio-Technica offers a wide variety of wired and wireless handheld microphones to fit your specific needs. Used close-up as intended, the best handheld microphones provide the depth and clarity of studio-quality response, with low sensitivity to handling noise. For wireless applications, our handheld transmitters deliver total freedom of movement without the noise and "dropouts" sometimes associated with wireless systems. The exceptional audio performance and the mobility offered by their advanced RF circuitry make them ideal for both music and speech, and for interview-style applications. Our wireless mic systems may be used in combination with "hard-wired" microphones with no change in natural sound quality.

Figure 10: Handheld
Sing or speak across rather than directly into any handheld microphone to reduce, if not eliminate, popping caused by sudden breath blasts (Fig. 10). While the microphone should be positioned in front and slightly to one side of the mouth, the user must stay within the acceptance angle of the microphone to avoid unwanted changes in volume. Note that some of the best microphones may be the most susceptible to breath popping because of their flatter, more extended low-frequency response. Use of proper technique, and perhaps an accessory windscreen, will solve most popping problems.

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