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Clip-on (Lavalier)

Figure 9 - Clip-on
For clip-on (or "lavalier") microphone applications, most users prefer the convenience and full freedom of movement offered by an Audio-Technica UniPakŪ professional wireless system. A miniature microphone connects by a short cable to a small transmitter worn on the belt or elsewhere, and a special receiver picks up the signal and feeds it to the mixer. A separate receiver/transmitter pair is needed for each microphone used. UniPak systems offer a choice of omnidirectional or cardioid microphones. While omnis work well for most clip-on applications, the cardioid may be chosen to lower the risk of feedback or to reduce the pickup of reverberation. The excellent sound quality of A-T wireless systems allows wired and wireless versions of the same microphones to be used simultaneously with no audible difference in response.

Attach the clip-on microphone about 6" below the user's chin (Fig. 9). The furnished clip allows easy attachment to most clothing. However, an available "tie-tac" mount may be better suited for some situations. In either case, anticipate movements that may cause the microphone to rub against or be covered by clothing, and position the microphone to avoid it. A belt clip is included with many clip-on microphones, which reduces cable noise and prevents pulling on a wired microphone when the user is moving.

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