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Replacement Stylus

U.S. One-Year Limited End-User Warranty

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    0.4 x 0.7 Elliptical Replacement Stylus

    Replacement stylus for these cartridges:

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    I have a AT-LP120 Turntable with an ATP-2 Cart. How often should the stylus be replaced (I understand it depends on several factors - condition of records, pressure) but on average how many hours should it last or how do I know it needs to be replaced before it ruins a record. I'm not having issues just wanted to know what to look for.


    The stylus should be changed roughly between 400-1000 hours. It is recommended to change the stylus when you hear a degradation of the higher frequencies.


    what are my options for replacing a ATP-2 needle


    The replacement needle for the ATP-2 cartridge is the ATP-N2 and may be purchased through any of our authorized dealers:


    I still have a good old ATP-3 phono cartridge but can't find a replacement stylus on your web site... Will the available ATP-N2 stylus (for ATP-1/2) fit correctly on my ATP-3 ? If not what are my alternative choices ? Thank you.


    Thank you for your inquiry. I do not believe that ATUS ever sold this cartridge. I found that LPGear has a replacement at:


    What's the optimal 1) tracking force, 2) anti skid and 3) arm height for an ATP-N2 stylus on a AT-LP 120 USB turntable?

    Pedro Nellie

    The ATP-2XN (cartridge for the ATP-N2) has a recommended tracking force of 3-5 grams. The anti-skate and heights all depend on your turntable and tone arm.