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Direct-Drive Turntable (USB & Analog)

U.S. One-Year Limited End-User Warranty

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  • Overview

    The AT-LP240-USB is a superbly made high-performance USB turntable designed for home use. The turntable’s USB output allows direct connection to a computer without any special drivers, making it easy to transfer records to digital music files that can be played back on a portable audio device. Built to deliver exceptional sound, the AT-LP240-USB utilizes a direct-drive high-torque multi-pole motor for unwavering speed stability, and features an S-shaped tone arm with adjustable tracking force and anti-skate adjustment and removable cartridge mount (cartridge available separately), and a damped cast-aluminum platter with a felt slip mat.

    The AT-LP240-USB plays back 33-1/3, 45 and 78 RPM records. Its built-in phono preamp enables the turntable to be connected to a wide variety of music and home entertainment systems, powered speakers, and to A/V receivers that do not include a dedicated phono input. The turntable includes PC- and Mac-compatible Audacity® software that converts the audio on a record to MP3, WAV or other format digital audio files.
  • Features

    • USB output—no special drivers required for direct connection to your computer

    • Direct drive high-torque multi-pole motor

    • Selectable 33/45/78 RPM speeds

    • Selectable internal stereo phono pre-amplifier

    • S-shaped tone arm assembly with:
      Adjustable counterweight
      Anti-skate adjustment
      Tone arm height adjustment and lock
      Tone arm lift with hydraulic action and lift lever
      Tone arm rest with locking mechanism

    • Stroboscopic platter and speed accuracy indicator

    • Damped cast aluminum record platter with slip mat

    • Start/stop button

    • Removable stylus target light

    • 45-RPM adapter

    • Adjustable feet for leveling

    • Removable dust cover

    • Dedicated ground lug for tone arm grounding

  • Specifications

    Type 3-speed, fully manual operation
    Motor 16-pole, 3-phase, brushless DC motor
    Drive Method Direct drive
    Speeds 33-1/3 RPM, 45 RPM, 78 RPM
    Turntable Platter 332 mm dia. die-cast aluminum
    Starting Torque >4.5
    Braking System Electronic brake
    Wow and Flutter < 0.1% WRMS (JIS WTD) with 33 RPM
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio > 55 dB (DIN-B)
    Output Level Pre-amp "PHONO": 2.5 mV nominal at 1 kHz, 5 cm/sec (HP-4005)
    Pre-amp "LINE": 150 mV nominal at 1 kHz, 5 cm/sec (HP-4005)
    USB Function A/D, D/A - 16 bit 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz USB selectable;
    Computer interface - USB 1.1 Compliant Windows XP or above or MAC OSX or above
    Power Supply Requirements 120V AC, 60 Hz
    Power Consumption 11W
    Dimensions 450.0 mm (17.72") W x 353.0 mm (13.90") D x 166.5 mm (6.56") H
    Weight 12.2 kg (26.9 lbs.)
    Accessories Included Slip mat; dust cover; platter; 45 RPM adapter; counterweight; headshell; power cord; USB cable; dual RCA (female) to 1/8" (3.5 mm) mini-plug (male) stereo adapter cable; dual RCA (female) to 1/8" (3.5 mm) mini-plug (female) stereo adapter cable; dual RCA (male) cable with integrated ground wire; stylus target light; Audacity software (CD)

    RIAA: 20-20kHz, +1/-3dB (In: 1.5mV 1kHz)
    Tone arm type: Static balanced S-shaped tone arm with detachable headshell
    Effective arm length: 230 mm
    Overhang: 15 mm
    Height of tone arm adjustment range: 0-6 mm
    Tracking error angle: Less than 3 degrees
    Applicable cartridge weight:
    Without headshell 3.5 - 8.5 g,
    With headshell 13 - 18 g
    Anti-skating range: 0-3 g

  • Downloads

    AT-LP240-USB Manual (pdf 1.14 M)
    AT-LP1240-USB/AT-LP240-USB/AT-LP120-USB/AT-LP60-USB Software Manual (pdf 1.05 M)
  • Reviews

    audio-technica AT-LP240-USB Turntable: Perfect Marriage of A


    First, let me state that vinyl is my music listening passion. Whenever I have the opportunity for attentive, leisurely immersion in sound, it's LPs that fit the bill. Second, CDs and MP3 files are a convenient method of transporting and playing music. Digital media makes it easy to bop around in the car, work out, or drown the cacophony of interactive modern living. I have 3,000 LPs and 1,000 CDs. My CDs are the product of industry hype and, until circa 2008, simple availability of new music. Downloads are not my thing; it's tantamount to kissing your sister. The introduction is important only to emphasize that my decision to acquire the AT-LP240-USB turntable is that, after a tremendous amount of research, it is the perfect marriage to produce the predominately rock and pop music I love in both analog and digital formats. I already own the last version of the time-tested premier DJ turntable with a customized audiophile integrated cartridge. I could have acquired a quality pre-amp with an USB output. According to reliable sources, it would have been the optimum solution to reasonably faithful reproduction of my vinyl to MP3 files for loading onto my 28 gigabit player. But, I wanted a stand-alone turntable/USB capability to marry with a second complete home sound system. So, now I have the AT-LP240-USB Direct Drive Turntable. And I am impressed with the design, construction, and performance of the unit. For old dudes like me, it's a little humorous to read modern instruction manuals "introducing" consumers to records and players. The folks at audio-technica have done an excellent job describing set-up and features. After mating the headshell to a vintage A-T PRECEPT PC110 cartridge, the receiver/amplifier and high-end tower speakers purred their approval of the turntable sound output. As a pure turntable, it is immensely enjoyable. Whether kicking out the jams with the MC5, strolling down Abbey Road with The Beatles, or navigating ethereal Mylo Xyloto waters with Coldplay, the AT-LP240 delivers solid, honest musical passages while flawlessly tracking grooves at 1.5 grams. Is the new turntable as formidable as my pampered 8 year-old aforementioned record player? Well, no; but there is over a $1,000 differential between the two units in today's market place. And, hey, the audiophiled DJ turntable had no premonition or aspiration to be a bridge to the digital world. Do I audibly perceive substantive differences in playback due to USB capability pollution, as some audiophile purists would insist? Well, no; but then I'm into rock and pop, and don't possess the gadgetry to scientifically demonstrate my preconceived hypotheses. All I know is that I really, really like what I hear! Switching to transferring vinyl to digital electrons, I employed the audio-technica suggestion to use Audacity software -- with a slight catch. I'm a PC operating with Windows 7. Thanks to the admirable content of the Software Guide accompanying the turntable, I opted to forego the CD download and go directly to This was a smart move, discovering that the Audacity wizards just released v2.0.2 on 25 August 2012. Just as important, I learned that installation of Lame v3.99.3 for Windows was the only conduit for generating MP3 files from Audacity; a key revelation since my sole purpose of acquiring an USB turntable was to make my vinyl "mobile" via my MP3 player. Conceding my computer literacy quotient is about 7 on a scale of 10, I found the Audacity cockpit display to initially be overwhelming, but ultimately intuitive. Overcoming my predisposition to avoid mistakes #which would have required reading the current on-line user guide, since most YouTube demonstrations are obsolete#, I simply set the turntable to LINE, plugged the USB cable into the designated ports, and played a record. Snow Patrol's Fallen Empires was the chosen test case, and the 45 rpm platter produced the desired horizontal wiggly lines in all the right places on my computer screen. After completing side 1, I saved the project in Audacity and exported it with an MP3 selection click to my computer. I played back the Audacity file on my computer desktop external speakers, just to make sure #as The Holy Barbarians sang# the music was true. One thing I like about the Audacity/Lame construct is that I do not need to establish an external library account through iTunes or similar hosts. You see, I do not need to catalog or access my converted vinyl grooves on Windows MediaPlayer; once I send the MP3 file from my PC to the Creative Vision player, the computer electrons may be released #or erased# to join the big byte in the sky. Remember that I prefer listening to music on a turntable in my home, and the transferred digital version is of no value once the birthing process has been completed. As a final note, I have not yet exploited the editing and recording variation capabilities of Audacity. The inner production engineer and DJ in me is to be released. To be truthful, I envision letting the pure vinyl recording take its course, without unnaturally boosting or suppressing the 31 bands displayed on my graphic equalizer or Audacity screen. Bottom line #FINALLY!#: I strongly recommend the audio-technica AT-LP240-USB Direct Drive Turntable. I confidently endorse its use for novices and experienced vinyl music lovers. Buy it now, before people fully recognize what a wonderful value it truly is!

    Summerville, SC, USA


    5.0 1


  • Q & A

    Recently and suddenly the tone are lift does not raise the are high enough to clear the record when using the que. is there an adjustment to increase the tone arm clearance when using the tone arm lift and que lever?


    For technical support, please contact the Audio-Technica United States (ATUS) Audio Solutions Team at: Thanks!


    Shure m97xe vs Ortofon 2m blue Which of these cartridges would you reccommend for the At-LP240 turntable: Shure M97Xe or Ortofon 2M blue?


    Thank you for your inquiry. I can't really speak for either cartridge, although the Ortofon appears to cost twice as much. I would suggest that you look at the Audio-Technica AT120E or the AT440mla cartidges.


    AT-LP240 cartridge alignment. I just bought an AT-LP240 but I'm not sure how to adjust my cartridge. I've read about the overhang and the azimuth but things seem to be way too complicated. I'm using AT-95e and Shure's M-97xe. I've also read that I should be using a Technics protractor to do the aligning but Shure's cartridge comes with its own protractor. I'm confused. Could you please give me some detailed tips? Thank you very much.


    The Technics Baerwald Arc Protractor available from should help you obtain the correct stylus overhang and the correct offset angle for any cartridge mounted to our AT-LP240 and AT-LP1240-USB Turntables.


    Has the AT LP240 been discontinued?


    Yes; it has been replaced by the AT-LP1240-USB. Thanks!


    Does the AT-LP240 was discontinued and replaced for the LP1240? Hello, I'm looking for the LP240 over the internet, in Auido-Technica store, and can't find this turntable. In Doctor Needle appears that it was replaced by LP1240, is that correct?


    Thank you for the inquiry. The AT-LP1240-USB is not actually a replacement for the AT-LP240-USB. They are the same turntable. The AT-LP240-USB did not have the extra "DJ" functions that the AT-LP1240-USB has.


    Which is the difference between the cartridges 440MLA and 150MLX? How are their sound respectively? Thanks!


    As compared to the AT440MLa, the AT150MLx has a wider frequency response and is made with higher quality components, which will lend it to sounding better. However, the AT440MLa is still a great and good sounding cartridge. Thanks!


    Difference between AT-LP120 and Lp 240 regarding durabiity and sound qualiy Hi, I live in Mexico and are planning to buy one of them, Is there any difference in connection with durability and sound quality? It is for my home, and I like the best one regarding the sound clear and without noise. I know that the cartridge is very important for the sound quality, but which turntable is better? Thank you!


    The AT-LP1240-USB is indeed built with higher quality components, and should therefore lend itself to sounding better than the LP120-USB. One important thing to note is that the LP1240-USB does not come with a cartridge. This is standard for most higher-end turntables. Therefore, you would need to purchase and install a moving-magnet cartridge of your choosing. Below are a list of 33rpm/45rpm Audio-Technica cartridges that will work with the AT-LP1240-USB: GOOD - AT95E - AT301EP BETTER - AT120E/T - AT311EP BEST - AT440MLa - AT150MLx Thanks!


    Where can I buy the AT-LP-240 or AT-LP-120 Turntable in Hong Hong


    Thank you for your inquiry. These are available in the US only.


    RIAA Curve (Line) Required with USB I am planning to digitize some records, including some older 78 rpm records with the turntable. I was considering SW that applies RIAA in SW to at least with the 78s. Can I use the USB connection with the pre-amp set to "Phono" so I can use the SW "equalization"?


    When the Turntables internal phono preamplifier switch is in the Phono mode, the preamplifier is completely bypassed. Not only is there no equalization occurring at the USB output connector, there is no sound either. One possible option is to use a USB audio interface between the RCA output connectors and the USB port on the recording device. The U-Control UCA202 made by Behringer should do the job.


    Is there benefit connecting AT-LP240-USB to a higher input phono amp? My AT-LP240-USB with an AT-440MLa cartridge is currently connected to an integrated amp with a phono rating of 2.5mV and 47k ohm at S/N 86dB. I also have available a recordable CD/cassette unit with a dedicated phono amp rated at 5.6mV and 50k ohm at S/N 60dB. Is there any benefit in sound reproduction through external stereo speakers OR quality of analog conversion to digital (MP3) by using differently rated MM phono amps? [P.S. The AT turntable and cartridge are outstanding!] Thank you.


    The phono section of your integrated amplifier has a much better signal to noise ratio. This will provide increased dynamic range and a lower noise floor.