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Drum Microphone Clamp

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  • Overview

    Drum microphone mount. Fits 5/8"-27 thread stands.
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    2 out of 4 broke 'before' use.


    I recently purchased the Digital Reference DRDK7 Drum Microphone Kit, and it contains 4 of the Audio Technica 8665 Mic Clamps. The clips are made of cheap plastic that they expect you to force onto the rim of the toms/snare. The bottom clip is supposed to lock under the rim, and it has to be forced up and over so that the top of the rim fits into one of the grooves; whilst doing this, the angled part of the clip WILL snap. Somehow, I was able to get one clip onto the snare, and another on one of my toms (on the mini rack that holds my 12" and 14", not even on the rim where it's supposed to go); the other two broke while trying to put them on. I feel like the only thing these clamps would PROPERLY fit onto would be a junior drum set, and I'm not exaggerating. Audio Technica: Discontinue these, upgrade them, or design a whole new clamp entirely. Even a rubber version could probably work better. These clamps should NOT be permitted to be sold, as they are DEFECTIVE. I've seen multiple reviews about the DRDK7 in which users have had the exact same problem as I have.

    Sunrise, FL, USA

    AT8665 Drum Microphone Clamp

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  • Q & A

    Sadly I have no idea how to apply this to the rims of my Tama Superstar Hyperdrive. Is there some Instruction?


    Thank you for your inquiry. You may view photos of proper placement:


    Here is another image in case the other link does not work. Hope this helps!

    Will this clamp work with the ATM25's


    Thank you for your inquiry. This will work with the ATM25.