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Cardioid Dynamic Instrument Microphone

U.S. Five-Year Limited End-User Warranty

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  • Overview

    The Artist Elite® AE2300 cardioid instrument microphone features Audio-Technica’s proprietary double-dome diaphragm construction, giving it high-frequency and transient response that far exceeds typical dynamic microphones. With a rugged, low-profile design and the ability to handle high SPLs, the AE2300 is a versatile performer, able to capture sound from guitar amps, brass and woodwinds, drums and percussion instruments with equal clarity and precision.

    The AE2300 maintains directionality across the entire frequency range, while introducing only the slightest off-axis coloration (frequency response is nearly identical at 0°, 90° and 180°) for excellent phase cohesion in multiple-mic setups. The microphone is also equipped with a switchable low-pass filter that cuts out harsh, high-frequency noise, such as hiss from a guitar amp or high-hat bleed into the snare, without negatively affecting the overall tone of an instrument – an especially useful tool in live settings to get a clear, focused sound.
  • Features

    • Excels in high-SPL applications

    • Proprietary double-dome diaphragm construction that improves high-frequency and transient response

    • Maintains directionality across the entire frequency range

    • Minimal off-axis coloration (frequency response is nearly identical at 0°, 90°, and 180°) helps to maintain phase cohesion in multiple microphone setups

    • Switchable low-pass filter removes harsh, high-frequency hiss without negatively affecting the overall tone of an instrument

    • Low-profile design allows microphone to be placed easily and unobtrusively in a wide variety of setups

    • Rugged, brass metal construction ensures dependable performance in live music applications

    • Includes AT8471 isolation stand clamp for 5/8"-27 threaded stands, 5/8"-27 to 3/8"-16 threaded adapter, and a soft protective pouch

  • Specifications

    FREQUENCY RESPONSE60 – 20,000 Hz
    OPEN CIRCUIT SENSITIVITY-57 dB (1.4 mV) re 1V at Pa
    IMPEDANCE250 ohms
    WEIGHT138 g (4.9 oz)
    DIMENSIONS95.6 mm (3.8") long, 28.0 mm (1.1") maximum diameter
    OUTPUT CONNECTORIntegral 3-pin XLRM-type
    ACCESSORIES FURNISHEDAT8471 isolation stand clamp for 5/8"-27 threaded stands; 5/8"-27 to 3/8"-16 threaded adapter; soft protective pouch
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  • Downloads

    AE2300 Specification Sheet (pdf 396.01 KB)
    AE2300 Submittal Sheet (pdf 261.96 KB)
    Optional Windscreens / Mounts
  • Reviews

    PRO 63 Microphone


    A great clean heavy duty microphone that works with no background noise. You will not regret buying these PRO 63 microphones for the fantastic reasonable price that they are. They work for me................


    AE2300 Cardioid Dynamic Instrument Microphone

    5.0 1


  • Q & A

    The size of this mic would be perfect for my snare top. How does it do on snare? Every sales guy is telling me to get a SM57 and call it a day but I want a mic that can tuck into the little area. I have a big kit and it's for home studio use.


    Thank you for your inquiry. Excellent mic on snare!


    Will this mic pic up congas, chimes rain stick and surrounding percussion instruments?


    It depends. The AE2300, being a directional microphone has a defined pickup acceptance area. Please contact our Audio Solutions Department at (330) 686-2600 ext 5000 or at for further assistance with this.


    I noticed the similarity between this at the ATM230 in name, but in terms of price and specs they are very different. why is this considered Elite? it's freq response and polar pattern and sensitivity are different than the ATM230. is there not an Elite version of the 230?


    The difference in the microphones is because of how they were intended for use. The AE2300 is a Cardioid Polar pattern meaning it picks up sound directly in front of the mic and is also dynamic microphone. This microphone is tailored specifically for applications like guitar cabs. The ATM230 also is tailored for a specific use, in this case toms. The ATM230 is a Hypercardioid polar pattern, meaning it picks up sound from the front, but a much narrower spread in order to filter out bleed from other pieces of the drum set. In short, the mics vary so much because they were intended for use in very different scenarios.