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Omnidirectional Condenser Lavalier Microphone for Smartphones

U.S. Lifetime Limited End-user Warranty

*Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. Actual selling price may vary; please check with an authorized Audio-Technica dealer.

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  • Overview

    Audio-Technica’s newscaster-style omnidirectional ATR3350iS lavalier microphone is engineered for intelligible, accurate voice reproduction. This high-quality condenser is ideal for video use, and is a favorite choice for aerobics/dance/sports instructors. Its low-profile design assures minimum visibility. Included smartphone adapter provides instant compatibility with newer smartphones (Android, iPhone, more).
  • Features

    • Newscaster-style miniature mic is perfect for video use

    • Ideal for aerobics/dance/sports instructors

    • Dual-mono 1/8" output plug connects to a video camera, DSLR, or handheld audio recorder's stereo 1/8" input, to record audio on both left and right channels

    • Omni pickup pattern offers full coverage

    • Includes adapter for use with newer smartphones (Android, iPhone, more).
    • Tie clip, LR44 battery, foam windscreen included

  • Specifications

    POLAR PATTERNOmnidirectional
    FREQUENCY RESPONSE50 – 18,000 Hz
    IMPEDANCE1,000 ohms
    WEIGHT6 g (0.2 oz)
    CABLE6 m (20') terminated with 3.5 mm (1/8") dual mono mini-plug
    ACCESSORIES FURNISHEDSmartphone adapter; tie clip; battery; foam windscreen

  • Downloads

    ATR3350iS Manual (pdf 161.11 KB)
  • Reviews

    Did not work with my iPhone 6


    I set the mike up as per instructions. It worked with a heavy guitar amplifier I have borrowed but refused to work with my iPhone 6, even when the phone was plugged into power. There's nothing on the box or in the online specs about the mobile phones with which it will or will not work. I clicked on a link on this Website which allegedly would have allowed me to ask a question about the failure to work but the resulting page came up with frame only--no capacity to ask a question. Hence I am forced to write this very negative review.



    Great entry-level Lavalier mic


    This little microphone is the best lavalier microphone in its class. It delivers good sound quality; much better than the built-in mic of a computer or a smartphone. The long cable allows producers to have flexibility in where they position their talent relative to the camera position. Users will find that It works well with cameras and smartphones. When using with computers, users will find that the sound from the mic is too low. The solution is to use a USB sound card, which boosts the sound to an acceptable level. While there are a LOT of USB sound cards on the market, the ATR2USB from Audio Technica is rock solid, and inexpensive. Are there better-sounding mics out there? Absolutely! But not at this price point. This is a wonderful entry-level mic.

    Mobile, Alabama


    Close, but no cigar


    I bought several of these to use on a documentary film shoot and had to replace them all at the last minute with cheapo alternatives from Maplin because it turns out these cannot be plugged into a standard audio mixer as the stereo mini jacks are designed only for use with direct camera or WAV recorder inputs. With decent preamps I reckon the ATR3350 would sound quite good, alas the fundamental design flaws prevent them from being used this way, whereas the Prosound lav mics are both cheaper, more versatile and far more reliable in the same situation.



    Audio level too low


    I tried this microphone on my phone, computer, and video camera. In all cases the audio level was far too low. I can't change the microphone level on my phone. Video recorded on the phone requires me to turn the volume up all the way to here anything. On Windows, I turned the mic level all the way up and encountered the same problem. On my video camera, a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera, I turned the mic level all the way up and was able to get better audio than on the other platforms, but there was far too much hiss and it still wasn't loud enough. I'll be looking for a different solution that has level settings on the amp.

    Orange County, Ca


    This is a joke


    I bought this thing to use with camcorders/dslr/phones, etc. can't seem to get any sound with any volume if any at all. so unpredictable, it was a waste of money



    It's impossible to know if it's working or not.


    There's no way to know if it's working or not. There is no On/Off light. The battery is a difficult one to replace. I had all sort of trouble to get this to work with a Zoom H4n or a DSLR. Don't buy this.

    Punta Cana


    Great Lav mic for low budget projects


    This product is okay for low budget, use it mainly indoors, with a good foam on it then the sound is acceptable. Battery is not an issue despite the fact that there is no light but one battery can work for 20hrs . I have used this lav mic together with rode smartlav+ in an interview and i was able to get good results.

    Stockholm , Sweden


    Worst experience


    It only works the first time of use. Worst quality. A friend bought it and happens the same.



    Limited capabilities


    Here's the deal. It records much better sound than relying on your smartphone or built in mic on a camera. BUT, the issue I have experienced is the smartphone adapter that comes with it will not let me monitor my sound level when I'm recording with the lav mic. There is some issue with the jack that plugs into the phone ( in my case Apple 6+). I've tried different ear buds with different tips. So, you may not be able to monitor your sound recording with this package, but it does work well as a inexpensive mic for far better sound when using a smartphone (or DSLR).

    Los Angeles


    Poor Audio = Unusable


    Poor sound from day 1. Low audio. Yes, the battery was fresh. I wore it on my collar and I do not speak softly. But the audio recording is far short of the standard range I have gotten using either my iPhone or iPhone headphones. It was low enough that I could not distinguish whether it was muffled as well. Also, why no battery indicator? How are you supposed to know the battery is low or dead? Leave it up to chance? I would have paid 50% more for good audio and a low battery indicator. Great promise, poor delivery.

    Seattle, WA


    ATR3350iS Omnidirectional Condenser Lavalier Microphone for Smartphones

    2.6 38


  • Q & A

    I'm testing the Audio Technica ATR 3350iS with the Zoom H1n recorder. I can't get the audio high enough using this mic. When it's set on Auto level it hovers around -18 and only goes higher with loud noises. When I switch to manual level and set the highest level, the indicator bar it still only hovers around -18 for normal speech. Is there a known compatibility issue with these 2 products? Can someone offer a solution to enable me to increase the sound level? Please?


    Thank you for your inquiry. The output of the mic i mic level. you could have your input set to line level which would be expect a much hotter signal.


    I lost the clip and the black foam the cover the microphone Audio-Technica ATR-3350IS where i can buy the replacement ?

    wee yiong

    Thank you for your inquiry. Please contact our Parts Department at 330-686-2600 ext. 5002. They would be happy to help you.


    Do You have distributors in Mexico or where we can buy this product


    Thank you for your inquiry. Here is the contact information for our Distributor in Mexico: Hermes Music S.A. de C.V. Ciudad de México, México Tel: +5255-5547-2111 E-mail: Web:


    I have used this on my Samsung s5 with the enclosed adapter. I upgraded to the S7. I plug it into the headphone jack, just as I did on the s5. But, there is no sound recorded on the s7. Worked ok on the S5. I could possibly use my S5, but prefer to see how much better the S7 is. What do I have to add to the connections to make the S7 understand the mic is plugged in and not the earbuds?


    Thank you for your inquiry. You may want to check with Samsung to see if something has changed in their connector.


    I have a set of 3 Ask a question ATR3350iS lav mics. I'd like to run them into a single XLR jack on my camera , so I have them going into a Beringher UMC404HD with 3.5 mm TRS to 1/4" TRS adapters. Then I have an XLR cable going out of the L Main output and into the camera, but I am getting no modulation into the audio interface. Other mics (like the mic in the BPHS1) work just fine.


    Thank you for your inquiry. You will need the proper 1/4 TRS to XLR adapter. If tip is connected to pin 2 and ring is connected to pin 3 they will cancel each other out. I assume that is what is happening.


    I bought this because of the recommendation from the Micro Center store but because this is the first time Ive ever bought such an item, it is required to have access to a jack amplifier or wireless transmitter. I present to large crowds so how do I know what kind of jack amplifier or wireless transmitter to purchase that is compatible with the ATR3350iS?

    New device for Presenter!

    The ATR3350iS is designed to be connected to a DSL camera or smartphone connection with the included adapter.


    Does this mono 1/8 adapter work with the iPhone 6?


    Thanks for your inquiry. Yes, the adapter is compatible with iPhone.

    How long will the microphone last before replacing the battery? How many uninterrupted minutes of it being turned on? Does it only turn on once plugged into a device? Or is it on when it's switched to on.


    The LR44 battery will last roughly on 1000 hours of use.


    Can this work as a wireless device? As I want to use it to speak a a conference.


    No, it cannot. We do make a wireless system that uses a microphone that has the same element (pick-up) inside however if you prefer the sound of the ATR3350iS. It is the PRO 88W-R35 VHF Wireless Microphone System.


    I am looking for a replacement tie clip and foamy wind screen, how do I get these parts.


    The replacement windscreen is the AT8129 and the clip is the AT8435. You may contact your local Authorized Audio-Technica Dealer to purchase those.