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Condenser Shotgun Microphone

U.S. Lifetime Limited End-user Warranty

*Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. Actual selling price may vary; please check with an authorized Audio-Technica dealer.

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  • Overview

    Crisp & intelligible pickup—far away or up close. In its “Tele” range setting, this cardioid condenser is engineered to pick up dialogue and sound effects at a distance, while bypassing ambient noise such as traffic, air-handling systems, room reverberation and mechanically coupled vibrations. Designed especially for use with video cameras.
  • Features

    • 3.5 mm connector plugs into your video camera

    • Two range settings: "Normal" for close & medium-distance; "Tele" for long-distance

    • Includes camera-mount, stand clamp, foam windscreen, battery

  • Specifications

    POLAR PATTERNNormal: Cardioid
    Tele: Supercardioid
    FREQUENCY RESPONSE70 – 18,000 Hz
    Tele: -45 dB
    IMPEDANCENormal: 1,000 ohms
    Tele: 2,200 ohms
    WEIGHT113 g (4 oz)
    CABLE1 m (3') long, permanently attached cable with 3.5 mm (1/8")
    ACCESSORIES FURNISHEDCamera mount; microphone stand clamp; foam windscreen; AA battery

  • Downloads

    ATR6550 Manual (pdf 149.32 KB)
  • Reviews

    Useful on video cameras phones for the price.


    This mic worked fine for about 4 years until I started using it near the pool. I believe moisture did it in finally. _Great camera/cell-phone mic for home use for the money (you need a TRRS-to-TRS adapter to use this with a computer). For in-room or close-up outdoor recording the cardioid setting worked great, either from the camera or hanging from a boom. Noise only really became a problem using the more powerful supercardioid setting, but I found I could clean it up using noise-removal apps in post production (download Audacity sound editor free). Supercardioid picked up my dad talking in a soft voice from 15 feet away, but hiss needed to be removed in post. _Because I used this to make semiprofessional music videos for Youtube, to improve the recording quality and remove hiss, I bought an iRig cell phone amp for this (best used at no more than 1/3 volume to reduce noise).



    Great mic, does what I need and more.


    I'm seeing a lot of older, negative reviews about audio and the battery not fitting. Perhaps things where change with later versions, because with mine, the battery fits normally and the audio quality is superb. In my case, I bought this to use with a H4N recorder and mounted on the parabolic microphone I built. To my surprise, this worked out perfectly. It's very sensitive and I'm able to pick up clear and crisp sounds from great distances, using the parabolic dish. I do recommend this mic for projects where a shotgun mic is needed.

    Toronto, ON Canada


    Poor audio, good form factor, quality on par with price


    On multiple devices this microphone suffers from a DC hum and audio comes through very faint. Tried it on two laptops both plugged into power and on battery. Also tried it on a Canon 5DmkII with same result. $5 junk mic sounds better.



    Reliable mic, with a silly problem, makes up on a great set-


    I am quite pleased with this mic. with one BIG exception - The Chinese "AA" battery is 0.003 " to big in diameter so the battery DOES go into the basttery compartment, BUT the fat size if the battery stops the positive ( + ) end of he battery from making contact with the battery contact at the end of the battery compartment. So unless you monitor your video camera with headphones you won't know that you have no sound until you playback the tape, and by then it's too late to re-record your event. I bought the tiny FiiO "E06" headphone amplifier, plugged it into the A/V output jack on my old Sony DCR-HC40 HandyCam, plugged a set of good full sized "technical pro HP-B820 cheapie full-sized headphones, plugged the Audio-Technica ATR-6550 Mic into Sony Handy-Cam "PLUG in Power Mic" jack, and now I can monitor my sound while recording with my little Handy-Cam. I mount the shotgun mic on top of he Sony Handy-Cam camera with the AudioTechnica AT8410A Shock-Mount and I have a poor man's version of a pro-video camera used by news teams all over the place. And all that hear does fit into a 10" x 6" x 4" standard little camera bag withe a 110volt. camera battery charger, 4 extra camera batteries, the camera, the shock mount, the shotgun microphone, two spare "AA" batteries, all the manuals, the headphone amp and I put the headphones on the outside of the top of the camera bag and carry the whole setup with one hand. Now I get all kinds of questions and "ALL=RIGHTs" from citizens and pro alike. It took me a years to figure out how to have a full video-studio, even a little camera light, into a one-handing bag, but I am sure glad I went through all the thought. Now all this valuable info is for you for free, and that's the way I like the world to work. The lazy ones can get their own results which always show so badly. I also made a camera shoulder mount from a piece of 1/4" plywood, 2" x 16", and put a 4" plastic bicycle handle for my hand on one end and a 1/4"NC washer+nut+bolt nut to mount the camera. Then I covered the plywood with gaffers tape. Now my camera moves are close to the results of a Steadicam for less than 2 bucks, I have a fairly big monitor screen and can monitor my sound all day long. The E06 headphone amp was the key to the whole thing. .

    Los Angeles

    Doesn't work?


    Just got it out of the box and tried it on my ipad2, which is why I bought and the mic doesn't come on at all? Tried it on a Canon Vixia HFG10 and have the same results...nothing. Now I have to spend additional money to get a replacement or my money back. How can you package any product without an instructional manual. This item doesn't come with any instructions at all. I will not be using this company again.




    I am using the ATR-6550 with a Canon VIXIA HF R300 and getting room hiss and a low hum, even when sound is on auto. Any suggestions?

    San Francisco, CA, USA

    I Love this mic !


    This is my first shotgun and though I recognize that it is "value" manufactured and priced it gave great results when I recorded a friend talking to a crowd of 30 in a living room. Extraneous noise was almost non-existent and the speaker's voice 20 feet away was rich, full and accurately sibilant in the higher frequencies. I mounted it in the AT8410a shock mount and that into the hot shoe on a consumer-grade video-tape Handicam and the results were just fine. I got plenty of signal from the mic into the recorder so the sound on a TV set is really good for such an amateurish production. I highly recommend the AT6550, especially for the price and the results. Great job A-T !

    Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Great for use with DSLR cameras.


    The ATR6550 comes with a permanently attached 18 inch coiled cord with a 1/8 inch stereo audio plug at the other end (wired for mono sound). Since the cord can't be unplugged from the mike, it's really designed for on-camera use. To use it on a boom pole, you'd need to use an extension cable with 1/8 inch connectors. Extending an unbalanced line such as this can introduce unwanted electrical noise into your audio. This is really the perfect mike to be used on top of any DSLR, because it is self powered and plugs directly into the camera's external mike input without the need for any cable adapters. While it will not match the audio quality of a phantom powered XLR balanced line mike, it also costs only a fraction as much. The sound quality is crisp and intelligible for voices, but it does sound a little thin in the bottom end when used on a Nikon D5100. It does sound much better than the stock in-camera mike, and so it fills the needs for small budget film projects using DSLR cameras. It has much better low end audio response and high end crispness when used with a dedicated video camera like a Panasonic TM700. On that camera, the sound quality more closely matches that of mikes in the 300 dollar range. In summary, it's perfect for the hobbyist or student film maker with a DSLR or small camcorder, but a pro will need an XLR mike.

    South Florida

    Great value for better audio!


    The "Tele" setting on this mike does a great job of picking up audio from a distance, almost as good as a lav mike. Easy to use, also, easy to forget to turn on but you only make that mistake once. An LED indicator when the mike is switched on would be a nice reminder to turn it off before storing. Battery life is very good. I use a NIMH rechargable battery and carry a charged spare. Accessory foot does not fit Canon Vixea Mini-Advanced Shoe. All-in-all a great buy!

    Fairhope, AL, USA

    Great Budget Microphone!


    For the price of this mic you really cant go wrong. It is an awesome mic with great performance. You do get some background noise / interference but it is not noticeable at all unless you really amp up the sound.


    ATR6550 Condenser Shotgun Microphone

    3.7 10


  • Q & A

    Will this mic work with only a battery, or will there be a need for 48v phantom power.


    Thank you for your inquiry. Battery only.


    Does it work with wireless audio (transmitter - receiver) like Boya wireless?


    The ATR6550 is not intended to be used with a wireless system and you may inquire with the wireless manufacturer on plugging in a dual mono signal into their transmitter.


    Will the audio-technica atr 6650 work with an iphone 7 ( as an audio recording device)


    Thank you for your inquiry. No it will not. The iPhone has a special connector.


    I purchased a atr6550 and using an external mixer for recording vocal. The problem is that I have to add a lot of gain to get the mic to record at a decent level. I don't believe this to be normal. I am a audio engineer by trade; and cant understand why it records so low/w a lot of hiss at nominal level. had is on boom not far from face. the mixer I use is a roland vstudio 100


    Thank you for your inquiry. Please contact our Audio Solutions Department at (330) 686-2600 ext 5000 or at for assistance with this.

    Will this Mic work with an iPhone without an adaptor?


    No. You may find helpful information on the subject here:


    My Audiotechnica ATR6550 seems to record with hum? what is wrong?


    Please contact our Audio Solutions Department at (330) 686-2600 ext 5000 or at for assistance with this.


    hello, I would like to know if this micro works if i transmitting in Facebook Live with an android devise. what distance this micro can persive the audio?


    Connecting a micorphone to a smartphone will require a certain adapter. You may find additional information here: In addition to that, the app you are going to use will need to allow for an external audio input source. You may inquire with that manufacture for their product.


    Is it possible to get another camera mount for it?


    Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately we do not offer a replacement camera mount for the one that this mic comes with.


    I would like to know the physical dimension (Length and Tube dia.) of the mic. I also like to know the approximate coverage distance of the "Tele" and "Normal" settings. A coverage diagram will be perfect. I can't find those information in the manual. Thanks. Danny.


    Thank you for your inquiry. The length is 10.75 inches and diameter is .867 inches. As for coverage, that is not easy to say since it depends on the volume of the sound source in relation to the volume of the background noise.


    Hello my name is Bill Brady I am the Owner of Creative Imaginations Productions. About a year ago I purchased several of your mics. They work great. My question is on one of them (model number ATR650) the on off switch came off and was lost. Is it possible to get a replacement switch for that. The mic still works fine but it is difficult to turn on and off. Thank you for your help. Sincerel, Bill Brady


    Thank you for your inquiry. Please contact the Parts Department at 330-686-2600 option 4. They will be happy to help with this.