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Omnidirectional Condenser Computer Desk Microphone

U.S. Lifetime Limited End-user Warranty

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  • Overview

    Provided with both a desktop and monitor mount, this flexible gooseneck microphone features an omnidirectional pickup pattern with full area coverage on or off axis.
  • Features

    • Comes with desk stand and monitor mount

    • Flexible gooseneck plugs into your computer’s microphone input

    • Perfect for podcasting & video conferencing

    • Omnidirectional pickup pattern offers full area coverage

  • Specifications

    POLAR PATTERNOmnidirectional
    FREQUENCY RESPONSE50 – 13,000 Hz
    CABLE1.8 m (6') terminated with 3.5 mm stereo (1/8") mini-plug
    ACCESSORIES FURNISHEDDesk stand; monitor mount

  • Downloads

    ATR4750 Manual (pdf 141.93 KB)
  • Reviews



    Purchased the microphone an hour I have to be honest here...what a waste of time, gas and money! Unless this microphone is 3 inches from my mouth it DOES NOT RECORD WELL AT ALL!

    Big Pine, Florida


    Windows 10 difficulties


    I submitted a previous review in which I said I was unable to get this model to work with Windows 10 with Realtec High Definition audio card. I have seen been able to do so. I wish to withdraw my early criticism based on that problem. (As I see it, the problem was with Windows 10, but I am not expert.)

    Easton, MD 21601

    ATR4750 Omnidirectional Condenser Computer Desk Microphone

    1.5 2


  • Q & A

    I have an ATR4750 microphone. Can you tell me what the proper device driver is for this device, and how I can get it?


    As an analog device, you plug the ATR4750 into a MIC level input on your computer. When doing so, you are then using your computer's internal sound card. If your computer does not have a MIC level input, you may find helpful information on a similar setup in the link below.


    sorry but im lost I have hooked mic into computer and I cant get it to work please help


    Please contact our Audio Solutions Department at (330) 686-2600 ext 5000 or at for assistance with this.


    Hello, my microphone doesn't work. I plug it into my laptop, into the specified microphone port, and when I record, no mater how loud I am, no matter how close to my mouth the microphone is, I'm not getting any sound whatsoever. Thank you for your feedback. Have a good day.


    Please contact our Audio Solutions Department at (330) 686-2600 ext 5000 or at for assistance with this.


    Hello, What pop filter will fit our ATR475O? Thank You, Trina


    Thank you for your inquiry. We do not make a wind screen / pop filter for this microphone, although the AT8157 may work.


    Plugged Mic into Computer Dell OptiPlex 7080. How do I test it to ensure it is working correctly. Nothing pops up or says it is installed.


    The ATR4750 requires connection to a dedicated/labeled 3.5mm microphone input that supplies bias voltage. This can be found on most PC computers. Because it's an analog external microphone, you will likely not see a pop-up in your Windows System Tray, nor will you see any "installation" take place. However, to receive assistance setting up your product, please contact the Audio-Technica United States (ATUS) Audio Solutions Team at: Thanks!


    I tried installing the ATR4750 mic on a splitter adapter on my laptop running Window 10 Pro. The splitter is plugged into the mic jack and is supposed to accommodate a mic AND external speakers. Speakers work fine. Can't get the mic to work. Any help?


    For technical support, please contact the Audio-Technica United States (ATUS) Audio Solutions Team at: Thanks!


    ATR4750-It appears that the cable does not go down thru the hole in the base stand but doubles back with the shaft and comes out the top of the base. If not I can't get the plug through the hole in the base. I'm afraid of damaging something by having the cable or wire double back along the shaft


    Thank you for your inquiry. Please contact our Audio Solutions team at 330-686-2600 ext 5000. They can help with this.


    The specs say the mic requires 1-10v dc. What is supplying that? And what is the output of the mic? Is it Hi-Z or low-Z?


    The computer is supplying the power on its microphone jack. This is known as plug-in-power and it is typically around 3 to 5 volts. The output is low- Z.


    My Mac won't detect the mic? When I plug this in, my Mac doesn't detect it. It does not show up in System Preferences or any of the programs I use. How can I get this to work? Thanks.


    Since the ATR4750 is not a USB type device, it is not going to "recognized" by a computer. What you should see after connecting a standard analog microphone to a Mac however is the INPUT device in the Sound properties window change from Internal microphone to Line In (Audio line-in port). Here is the problem. It is a LINE level input, not a MIC level input. A Line level input is expecting a much higher (around 50 dB higher) level signal than that which is provided by an external microphone. Mac computers do not have MIC level inputs on them. You may want to use either a USB microphone, or a USB audio adapter with your ATR4750 and connect it to the USB port on your computer. Besides simplifying connectivity, the USB port on a computer typically provides much less noise compared to the 3.5mm Mic In or Line In jacks. Our ATR2USB 3.5mm to USB Adapter will adapt your microphone to a USB port.


    Will this work on a Mac? You guys said that it should work with any computer. Now that macs have had microphone ports for a while will this mic work on Macs?


    Thank you for your inquiry. I was not aware of Macs changing their inputs.