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Unidirectional Dynamic Handheld Microphone

U.S. Lifetime Limited End-user Warranty

*Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. Actual selling price may vary; please check with an authorized Audio-Technica dealer.

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  • Overview

    This handheld dynamic mic is a great introduction to Audio-Technica quality and durability. The ATR1100 is ideal for vocal and instrument miking in performance and practice, and features a unidirectional polar pattern for feedback protection.
  • Features

    • A great introduction to A-T quality & durability

    • Use for vocal and instrument miking

    • Focused pickup (unidirectional polar pattern) helps prevent feedback

    • Permanently attached 3 m (10') cable (3.5 mm mini-plug)

    • Rugged construction & on/off switch

  • Specifications

    POLAR PATTERNUnidirectional
    IMPEDANCE500 ohms
    WEIGHT150 g (5.3 oz)
    CABLEFlexible, durable 3 m (9.8') permanently attached cable with 3.5 mm (1/8") mini-plug
    ACCESSORIES FURNISHEDDesk stand; 6.3 mm (1/4") adapter

  • Downloads

    ATR1100 Manual (pdf 491.08 KB)
  • Reviews



    I use this mic with ham/amateur radios. I get excellent audio reports and in comparison to mics ten-15 times the cost of this monster,i had to get 3 more of these 1300s. outstanding for the price.

    okanagan bc canada


    Broke rather quickly


    used it with my band for a few weeks before it broke, and i took pretty good care of idk why it broke so soon



    You get what you pay for


    I picked this up on impulse at a local pawn shop, like new in box. We wanted a mic for the kids to sing into and this was a cheap "karaoke" mic. It works fine for that. Very light for the kids, picks up their voices accurately. Down side is that you have to practically eat the mic to get good pick up, it's not very sensitive. Also very poppy. For a kid's karaoke mic that will see some abuse, this is an ok purchase. If you want to do anything get what you pay for.



    Excellent microphone for the price


    I like this microphone, because of how clearly it picks up my voice compared to other PC oriented microphones that I've had. I'm not sure how well it compares to the more expensive models, but all I needed was something to start singing with. The quality far surpassed my expectations for it's price. It's build quality is also quite nice. I've fumbled it around quite a few times, and I haven't noticed any decrease in performance. This microphone is excellent at keeping background noises down if you keep it very close to your mouth. For use with a computer, I find that using a small pre-amplifier helps a lot. While it's not necessary it does help when you use it for casual talking or for recording instruments. Pretty much for when you don't need to kiss the microphone. While recording on computer without an amplifier, you must get very close to the microphone to get a good sound. I have to touch my lips to the microphone while talking quite loudly to get a good level of sound out of it. Later I can amplify the recording a bit to get a good volume, and the recording will still be very clean and crisp. I've tested it on a few amplified speaker cabinets, and it does work very well for that. Nice crisp and clean sound.

    Gillette, WY, USA

    ATR1100 Unidirectional Dynamic Handheld Microphone

    3.8 4


  • Q & A

    I recently bought this microphone not thinking, and for some reason after I record I only hear it from the left side I'm wondering if it's the settings but I figured it was uni directional and you only hear it from one side please reply


    Once you record your microphone signal, your post production will determine your panning. You may refer to your recording device.


    I purchased the ATR1100 and tried connecting it to my computer. The computer will not recognize the microphone through the 3.5mm jack. Is there any help you could offer to get this microphone working correctly? I have a Toshiba Satellite PC running Windows 8.1. I am trying to avoid purchasing any other equipment for this item, if possible.


    Please contact our Audio Solutions Department at (330) 686-2600 ext 5000 or at for assistance with this.


    I can't get sound from this mic. I plug it into my pedal with the 1/4" adapter then to my amp and no sound comes through. Also tried straight into the amp and still nothing. Now I try it in my computer and no sound comes through. I have the mic switched to ON. Am I missing something? Does it need a battery somewhere?


    Thank you for your inquiry. Please call our Audio Solutions Department at 330-686-2600 ext 5000. They can help with this,


    Connecting an ATR 1100 to Windows 7 via a Sabrent USB Audio Stereo Sound Adapter I am trying to use my new ATR 1100 on a Windows 7 machine connected to a Sabrent USB Audio Stereo Sound Adapter (Model USB-SBCV) and I get nothing out of the speakers??? How can I successfully connect my ATR 1100?


    Thank you for your inquiry. I what you are trying to do should work. This may be a configuration issue and you will need to contact Sabrent for help with their device.


    Is the ATR1100 balanced or unbalanced?


    Thank you for your inquiry. This mic has an unbalanced connection.


    Is this compatible with macs? I am using a macbook pro. I have tried using both the built-in and a secondary USB audio port, and even rerouting to a virtual device. I cannot get any sound from this mic. Do I need a driver?


    Thank you for your inquiry. I assume that you are using some type of USB audio interface. The microphone cannot connect directly to a Mac.


    Using ATR 1100 with a MacBook Pro Laptop I've tried plugging the mic into the Line-In input on my Apple MacBook Pro and recording my voice (using Garage Band software), but it does not record my voice. I've checked all the settings on my Mac and they are all set to accept the "built-in Line-In" but still no sound. Can the microphone be used as such? Am I doing something wrong?


    Thank you for your inquiry. Please that Mac computer inputs are line level. A microphone cannot drive a line level input. One option is to use our ATR2USB interface and plug in via the USB port.


    Is the atr1100 mic considered hi or low impedance?


    Thank you for your inquiry. This impedance of this microphone is 500 ohms, which is consideted low.


    Can this mic plug into a pc mic input without a preamp?


    Thank you for your inquiry. This will work with your computer providing that it has a microphone level input. Please note that some have line level inputs in which case you will need a preamp.


    I just bought the ATR1100 Series for my son's birthday but after connecting it to his Boombox, there was no audio. What is wrong with the product?


    Thank you for your inquiry. Please contact our Audio Solutions team at 330-686-2600 ext 5000 and they will help you trouble shoot this.