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UHF Synthesized True Diversity Dual Receiver

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  • Overview

    The ESW-R220 dual receiver features two independent receivers, each with 100 PLL-synthesized UHF frequencies, in a rugged, shielded metal housing, along with an antenna distribution system. The integral antenna combiner/divider distribution system provides two pairs of antenna inputs and two pairs of antenna outputs. This allows the ESW-220 to be extremely flexible; for example, the additional inputs might be used when coverage of a split banquet/meeting room is difficult with a single pair of antennas, or when considerable multi-path interference is present. The antenna output jacks are provided to feed other wireless receivers operating in the same frequency band.
  • Features

    • Two independent receivers in a single housing along with an antenna distribution system

    • 100 PLL-synthesized channels selectable via push buttons

    • An integral antenna combiner/divider distribution system that provides two pairs of antenna inputs and two pairs of antenna outputs

    • +12V DC provided on the antenna inputs to power in-line RF devices

    • Auto-adjusting AC power supply accepts 120-240V 50/60 Hz input

    • Unit mounts in a single (1U) 19" rack space with included adapters

    • True Diversity operation selects the better signal from two independent tuner sections, reducing dropouts

    • Interference-resistant UHF band operation

    • Tone Lock™ tone squelch circuitry opens only for ESW transmitter signals

    • Balanced and unbalanced audio output jacks; ground-lift switch on balanced output

    • Front-panel headphone monitor jack with level control

    • Engineered Sound wireless transmitters and receivers are offered separately, rather than in pre-set combinations, to permit choosing exactly the right components for your particular application:
      ESW-R210 UHF Synthesized True Diversity Receiver
      ESW-T211 UHF Synthesized UniPak® Body-pack Transmitter
      ESW-T212 UHF Synthesized Plug-on Transmitter
      ESW-T214 UHF Synthesized Handheld Microphone/Transmitter

  • Specifications

    Operating Frequency UHF band, 728.125 MHz to 740.500 MHz
    Number of Channels 100 total
    Frequency Stability ±0.005%, Phase Lock Loop frequency control
    Modulation Mode FM
    Normal Deviation ±5 kHz
    Tone Squelch Frequency 32.768 kHz
    Operating Range 300' typical
    Operating Temperature Range 41° F (5° C) to 113° F (45° C)
    Frequency Response 100 Hz to 15 kHz
    Maximum Simultaneous Use (Recommended) 300' typical
    Receiving System Dual independent tuners, automatic-switching diversity
    Image Rejection >100 dB
    Signal-to-noise Ratio >107 dB (IEC-weighted at ±40 kHz deviation )
    Total Harmonic Distortion <1% (±5 kHz deviation at 1 kHz)
    Sensitivity 18 dBµV (S/N 60 dB at ±5 kHz deviation, IEC-weighted)
    Intermediate Frequency 54.25 MHz, 10.7 MHz
    Audio Output Unbalanced: 40 mV (at 1 kHz, ±5 kHz deviation, 1M ohm load)
    Balanced: 4 mV (at 1 kHz, ±5 kHz deviation, 600 ohm load)
    Output Connectors Unbalanced: 1/4" phone jack
    Balanced: XLRM-type
    Headphone Output 20 mW max. into 16 ohms (at 1 kHz, ±5 kHz deviation)
    Antenna Power +12V on input jacks, 20 mA max. from "A" jacks, 20 mA max. from "B" jacks
    Antenna Inputs BNC-type, 50 ohms, two "A" and two "B"
    Antenna Outputs BNC-type, 50 ohms, two "A" and two "B"
    Power Supply 120-240V AC, 50/60 Hz, auto-adjusting
    Operating Temperature Range 41° F (5° C) to 113° F (45° C)
    Dimensions 16.93" (430.0 mm) W x
    1.73" (44.0 mm) H x
    6.89" (175.0 mm) D
    without antennas, power cable or rack-mount adapters
    Net Weight 6.4 lbs (2.9 kg)
    Accessories Included Two flexible UHF antennas; rack-mount adapters; power cable; power cable clamp

  • Downloads

    ESW-R220 Manual (pdf 214.17 KB)
    ESW-T211 Manual (pdf 100.12 KB)
    ESW-T212 Manual (pdf 74.99 KB)
    ESW-T214 Manual (pdf 87.58 KB)
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