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System 9

Frequency-agile VHF Wireless Systems

|  U.S. Two-Year Limited End-User Warranty

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  • Overview

    Audio-Technica's System 9 is a four-channel frequency-agile wireless system designed to provide rock-solid performance along with easy setup and clear, natural sound quality. Featuring sleek, stackable, contemporary styling, System 9 is available in handheld, headworn, guitar, lavalier and body-pack configurations. The system offers four compatible user-switchable VHF channels (169.505, 170.245, 171.045, and 171.905 MHz).

    Each System 9 configuration includes the ATW-R900a receiver and either a body-pack transmitter or handheld microphone/transmitter. The ATW-R900a is a non-diversity, single-channel receiver with advanced dipole antenna design for extended operating range, which improves operation by providing a ground element in addition to the usual signal element. The ATW-R900a also offers volume control along with AF Peak, RF and Power indicator lights.
  • Features

    • Easy operation and clear, natural sound quality

    • 4 selectable frequency-coordinated VHF channels

    • Balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4" output jacks enable use with a wide variety of audio gear

    • Reliable performance and durable construction

    • Advanced dipole antenna system for extended operating range
  • Configurations

    Guitar System
    ATW-R900a receiver and ATW-T901a body-pack transmitter with AT-GcW guitar/instrument input cable.
    Headworn Microphone System
    ATW-R900a receiver and ATW-T901a body-pack transmitter with PRO 8HEcW headworn microphone.
    Lavalier Microphone System
    ATW-R900a receiver and ATW-T901a body-pack transmitter with omnidirectional lavalier microphone.
    Handheld Microphone System
    ATW-R900a receiver and ATW-T902a handheld dynamic unidirectional microphone/transmitter. Includes AT8456a Quiet-Flex™ stand clamp.
    System 9 receiver.
    System 9 body-pack transmitter.
    System 9 handheld microphone/transmitter with undirectional dynamic element. Includes AT8456a Quiet-Flex™ stand clamp.
  • Specifications

    Operating Frequencies VHF highband, 169 MHz to 172 MHz
    Modulation Mode FM
    Maximum Deviation +/-10 kHz
    Dynamic Range >/=90 dB (A-weighted), typical
    Total Harmonic Distortion <1% (at 1 kHz, +/-10 kHz deviation)
    Operating Range 200' (60 m) typical
    Open range environment with no interfering signals
    Operating Temperature Range 40° F (4° C) to 110° F (43° C)
    Battery performance may be reduced at very low temperatures
    Frequency Response 80 Hz to 13 kHz
    Maximum Simultaneous Use (Recommended) 200' minimum
    Receiving System Non-diversity, single-channel, dual antenna system
    Image Rejection 50 dB minimum
    RF Sensitivity 20 dBuV at 60 dB S/N ratio (50 ohms termination)
    Audio Output Nominal Output Level
    XLR, balanced: 350 mV (1 kHz modulation, 10 kHz deviation, 100k ohm load)
    1/4" (6.3 mm), unbalanced: 700 mV (1 kHz modulation, 10 kHz deviation, 100k ohm load)
    Power Supply 100-240V AC (50/60 Hz) to 12V DC .5A (center positive) switched mode external power supply
    Operating Temperature Range 40° F (4° C) to 110° F (43° C)
    Dimensions 7.48" (190.0 mm) W x 1.82" (46.2 mm) H x 5.06" (128.5 mm) D
    Net Weight 12.0 oz (337 grams)
    Accessory Included Power supply
    RF Power Output10 mW
    Spurious EmissionsFollowing federal and national regulations
    Input ConnectionsFour-pin Locking Connector
    Pin 1: GND
    Pin 2: INST INPUT
    Pin 3: MIC INPUT
    Pin 4: DC BIAS +9V
    BatteriesTwo 1.5V AA
    not included
    Battery Life8 hours (alkaline)
    Depending on battery type and use pattern
    Dimensions2.76" (70.2 mm) W x 4.08" (103.7 mm) H x 0.98" (24.9 mm) D
    Net Weight2.8 oz (80.0 grams)
    without batteries
    RF Power Output 10 mW
    Spurious Emissions Following federal and national regulations
    Batteries Two 1.5V AA
    not included
    Battery Life 8 hours (alkaline)
    Depending on battery type and use pattern
    Dimensions 9.91" (251.8 mm) long,
    2.11" (53.5 mm) diameter
    Net Weight 9.2 oz (260 grams)
    without batteries
    Accessory Included AT8456a Quiet-Flex™ stand clamp

    First-generation System 9 (original) components:
    ATW-R900 receiver
    ATW-T901 body-pack transmitter
    ATW-T902 unidirectional dynamic microphone transmitter

    Click here for the original System 9 Owner's Manual.

  • Downloads

    System 9 Wireless Manual ("a" versions) (pdf 592.05 KB)
    System 9 (ATW-R900a) FCC DOC (pdf 1.17 M)
    System 9 Wireless Manual (original version) (pdf 965.56 KB)
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  • Q & A

    Is this system compatible with an Audio Technica Pro-35 microphone?


    You may use the PRO35cW microphone with the System 9.


    Customer wanted model ATW-801/H92 what configuration what new parts would need to be ordered as an equivalent Please include the necessary custom cables to connect microphone system to the SX80.


    Please contact our Audio Solutions Department at (330) 686-2600 ext 5000 or at for assistance with this.


    Can the transmitting frequency of the ATW-T901a be adjusted to work with non-audio technica receivers?


    No it may not.


    We bought Model # ATW-T901a, do you have the windscreens for this mic?


    The windscreen will need to be properly matched to the lavalier microphone you are using with the ATW-T901a body-pack transmitter. If you are using the stock lavalier that came prepackaged with that system from the manufacturer, then you may use the AT8129 windscreen. Please contact our Audio Solutions Department at (330) 686-2600 ext 5000 or at for additional assistance with this.


    Will this receiver work with my system 8 mics? My system 8 receiver bit the dust. I ask this question over a week ago and never got an answer.


    Yes, this will work for you.


    Will this r900a receiver replace our ATW-801 receiver and still use our wireless handheld and lavalier mics?


    Yes it will.


    I broke one of the antenna on my System 9 receiver. Can I purchase just the antenna separately?


    Thank you for your inquiry. Please contact our Parts Department at 330-686-2600 ext. 5002. They would be happy to help you.


    The manual states the usage of "2" AA Alkaline batteries in the transmitter. I would like to know if you can use "2" AA Lithium e2 batteries or "2" AA Rechargeable batteries instead of the Alkaline batteries. We use the System 9 for Sunday worship services. I do not want to take the chance of voiding the warranty by using either one of the batteries listed above. I hope that you can assist me on this matter. Thank you very much. Bob E.

    Church Sound Techy

    It is not recommended to use rechargeable batteries. You may find additional helpful information here:


    We currently use ATW-202 which has been discontinued. We need another mic to work with our system. What handheld mic will work? Thank you.


    Please contact our Audio Solutions Department at (330) 686-2600 ext 5000 or at for assistance with this.


    What is the transmitter model number for the audio-technica system 9.


    ATW-T901 for the UniPak transmitter ATW-T902 for the handheld transmitter