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System 10 Stompbox (DISCONTINUED)

Stompbox Digital Wireless System

|  U.S. Two-Year Limited End-User Warranty

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  • Overview

    Audio-Technica’s System 10 Stompbox digital high-fidelity guitar wireless system combines the advanced 24-bit operation, easy setup and clear, natural sound quality of other System 10 configurations with unique functionality for guitarists, bassists and other instrumentalists. Operating in the 2.4 GHz range, far from TV and DTV interference, System 10 Stompbox offers a rugged, metal, pedal board-mountable receiver with foot switch, two switched TRS balanced 1/4" outputs and an output mode selector. With the tap of a foot, musicians can toggle between outputs (e.g., for switching amps) or mute and unmute one output without muting the other (e.g., for convenient tuning). And a single receiver can be paired with up to eight UniPak® body-pack transmitters, allowing users to easily switch between instruments without having to move a body-pack from one instrument to the next.

    System 10 wireless ensures clear communications by providing three levels of diversity assurance: frequency, time, and space. Frequency Diversity sends the signal on two dynamically allocated frequencies for interference-free communication. Time Diversity sends the signal in multiple time slots to maximize immunity to multipath interference. Finally, Space Diversity uses two antennas on each transmitter and receiver to maximize signal integrity.

    Each Stompbox system includes an ATW-R1500 Stompbox receiver, an ATW-T1001 cW-style body-pack transmitter with an AT-GcW guitar cable, and hook & loop strips for adding receiver to an effects pedal board. The ATW-R1500 is a digital receiver with sturdy, metal-body construction, easy-to-read digital ID and transmitter battery level displays, and AF Peak and Pair indicator lights.
  • Features

    • Digital 24-bit/48 kHz wireless operation for ultimate sound quality and dependable performance

    • 2.4 GHz range – completely free from TV interference

    • Three levels of diversity assurance: frequency, time, & space

    • Two switched TRS balanced 1/4" output jacks

    • Output mode selector and foot switch to toggle between outputs or mute/unmute Output A without muting Output B (e.g., for use with tuner)

    • Multi-pairing function to link a single receiver with up to eight body-pack transmitters

    • Transmitter battery level display on receiver

    • Automatic frequency selection for seamless, interference-free operation

    • Extremely easy operation with instantaneous channel selection, sync, and setup

    • State-of-the-art digital receiver housed in a strong, metal, stompbox-style body for reliable performance and pedal board mounting

    • Included hook & loop strips for adding receiver to effects pedal board

    • Universal (center + or -) 9v–12v DC input, 170mA

  • Configurations

    Includes ATW-R1500 Stompbox receiver and ATW-T1001 body-pack transmitter with AT-GcW guitar/instrument input cable.
    Stompbox single-channel receiver.
    Body-pack transmitter with cW-style locking 4-pin connector.
  • Specifications

    Operating Frequencies 2.4 GHz ISM band (2400 to 2483.5 MHz)
    Dynamic Range >109 dB (A-weighted), typical
    Total Harmonic Distortion <0.05% typical
    Operating Range 18.3 m (60') radius, 36.6 m (120') diameter typical
    Open range environment with no interfering signals
    Operating Temperature Range 0° C to +40° C (32° F to 104° F)
    Battery performance may be reduced at very low temperatures
    Frequency Response 20 Hz to 20 kHz
    Depending on microphone type
    Maximum Simultaneous Use (Recommended) 200' minimum
    Receiving System Diversity (frequency/time/space)
    Maximum Output Level 1/4" (6.3 mm), TRS balanced: +12 dBV
    Power Supply 100-240V AC (50/60 Hz) to 12V DC .5A (center positive) switched mode external power supply
    Operating Temperature Range 40° F (4° C) to 110° F (43° C)
    Dimensions 101 mm (3.98") W x 44 mm (1.73") H x 130 mm (5.12") D
    Net Weight 565 grams (19.9 oz)
    Accessories Included Power supply, hook & loop fastener x2
    RF Power Output10 mW
    Spurious EmissionsFollowing federal and national regulations
    Input ConnectionsFour-pin Locking Connector
    Pin 1: GND
    Pin 2: INST INPUT
    Pin 3: MIC INPUT
    Pin 4: DC BIAS +9V
    BatteriesTwo 1.5V AA
    not included
    Battery Life>7 hours (alkaline)
    Depending on battery type and use pattern
    Dimensions70.2 mm (2.76") W x 107.0 mm (4.21") H x 24.9 mm (0.98") D
    Net Weight100 grams (3.5 oz)
    without batteries
    Accessory IncludedAT-GcW Guitar Input Cable

  • Downloads

    System 10 Stompbox Digital Wireless System Manual (pdf 447.71 KB)
    Wireless Mics & Cables
    Wireless System Accessories
    Using Wireless
  • Reviews

    Fantastic wireless ! Bass is perfect !


    Love it ! Great unit



    Good, not great


    Been using this for 2 years. Sound and durability are top notch. Having the 2 channels is plus. Great for anyone using 2 instruments. The biggest con is the lack of a rechargeable battery for the transmitter. You go through a lot of batteries with this. I thought by now AT would have come out with a rechargeable battery pack that would not only extend the life of the transmitter but also reduce the need to have batteries handy. If you happen to run out at a show and can't get more, you are screwed. Lithiums work great but there is no indicator the power is going down. It just stops working. Regular alkaline gives you a meter, but shorter life. With newer options coming out, this lack of a chargeable battery will make these obsolete. Not having a 9v option on the receiver might be a big deal in some cases. The range on this is long enough where the receiver will be near your amp and a power supply and you won't miss a beat.



    Works good - just not for me


    It works more or less as advertised. However, I would say that it works better for guitarists who like a good clean (as opposed to dirty) tone. Country and blues players should like this. However, I play classic hard rock and metal, and the system doesn't jive well with my rig being that I use 2 Peavey XXX half stacks run stereo. I'm getting tone and gain loss from the system despite getting a strong signal from the transmitter to the receiver. It almost sounds like I'm playing a guitar with single coil pickups instead of humbuckers.

    Monroe, NC


    Clean sound, easy set-up. Better wireless than Line-6


    I love it. I used a Sennheiser analog wireless for years with my bass playing and when checking out digital systems, this one wins hands down. Better than Line-6 and Sennheiser

    Cicero, I;


    Great wireless system AND A/B box all in one!


    I use it live onstage for my gigs. Great sound quality, Clean, precise. I use channel A for my acoustic guitar into Ch 1 of my amp, and channel B for my electric into Ch2. I play very clean thru a Quilter amp, so sonic quality is important. Right out of the box the level/gain was perfect and receiver and transmitter were already paired. Easy to set up and use. Mute button a big plus when changing guitars. Its wonderful NOT having a guitar cord getting all tangled up anymore! And no compromise on sound quality. And a great price. AND a nice rebate (although I didn't know that til after the purchase!)'s an A/B box!!! PERFECT!!! After 2 three-hour gigs my AA batteries were done. So it's a battery eater, but that's the price of admission.

    Los Angeles, Ca


    For the Guy Who Plays Acoustic/Electric with Piezo and...


    I was switching from acoustic to electric in the middle of shows. Use the System 10 in combination with my Carvin AE185. Set outputs on stomp box to be separate sends. Use one send direct to mixing board via TRS balanced 1/4 inch jack. Use one output to effects processor and amp. Switch guitar from acoustic sounds going through A output to board. Set electric sound to B output to amp. EASY. Never change guitars. Hit stomp box switch and select the acoustic or electric on the guitar. Excellent system. Crystal clear. Built tough.


    Great System, Drop dead quiet.


    I play guitars full time in a worship band. Our radio environment is very saturated with 11 UHF wireless mic systems, as well as 6 UHF IEM in use. The church also has a 2.4GHz access point in the worship space. After doing some research, I ordered a System 10 / Stomp box. Having the receiver so close to my pedal board setup made it mad easy. And with the constant frequency scan, I know its just going to work. Thanks AT. Dennis from ICT

    Wichita, KS, USA

    Receiver Needs Battery


    Guitarists who busk need true stompbox flexibility. Guitarists on tour need flexibility and redundancy. The receiver MUST take a 9v, or it's just not a pro device. It's a well established Industry standard. For now, at least include a battery pack accessory. In V2, internal 9V option. Thanks!

    New York, NY, USA

    System 10 Stompbox Stompbox Digital Wireless System

    4.1 8


  • Q & A

    Can I use any rechargable AA battery with this unit?


    It is not recommended but some people have used them. You may find helpful information here:


    I have a system 10 handheld mic with broken receiver, can I connect it to my stomp box receiver and use it that way when not connected to my guitar?


    Yes, you can but note the output difference in the Stompbox receiver in proper connections. You may find helpful information here:


    I have DPA 4099 condenser mic on my violin that requires phantom power. Will the transmitter supplied with this set support that mic as long as I have the DPA cable adapter that allows the DPA microdot cable to attach to AT wireless body packs? If not, will the stomp box receiver support any of the other UniPak transmitters that does provide phantom power?

    Erich S.

    Thank you for your inquiry. No, it will not. The transmitter does not provide phantom power.


    I have separate pedal board for acoustic and electric.. If I have a receiver on each pedal board (one for for electric).. Can I use the same belt pak transmitter for each (stop on acoustic receiver..plug in acoustic guitar..stomp off electric receiver...and ice versa)?

    Pat Sheridan

    No. You may pair multiple transmitters with a single receiver but not vise versa. You may find additional helpful information on the multi-pairing function in the link below. (same for the System 10 Stompbox)


    Can this wireless system be used with a keytar or shoulder synthesizer?




    Another bandmate has a system 10. Q. Can I buy the same system without interference?


    Yes, you may use up to 8 systems in one location.


    I am looking for additional body packs for the stomp box sys.. 10 , where can I purchase them ?


    You may contact your state's Audio-Technica Representative for assistance. Additionally, you may contact your local Authorized Audio Technica Dealer for pricing and availability.


    Is the System 10 able to switch amps witthin a DAW such as Logic Pro or does it require actual hardware pedals to change the amp settings? Hope you guys are doing well at A-T. Thanks Dave D

    Tidal Wave Dave

    Please contact our Audio Solutions Department at (330) 686-2600 ext 5000 or at for assistance with this.


    Will this work good for a bass guitar ?


    Yes, I would recommend the System 10 wireless for bass guitar as there is no companding like traditional wireless systems and you get a full 20-20k frequency response.


    Does this transmitter have an on-off switch or do I have to take out the batteries during break?


    Thank you for your inquiry. It does not have an on/off switch but it does have a mute function on the footswitch.