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VHF Wireless Systems with battery-powered receiver and transmitter for camcorder use

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  • Overview

    Audio-Technica’s PRO 88W VHF wireless microphone systems are designed for camcorder and other applications requiring a small, easily portable wireless. Equipped with a flexible detachable antenna and a choice of two transmitter and receiver frequencies on each system, the small and inconspicuous VHF wireless system will mount on the light shoe of camcorders or on the back of a camera itself with a Velcro attachment. For fixed installations, a 9V DC input is available on the receiver. Eight VHF channels are available for interference-free operation in virtually any location.
  • Features

    • Provides freedom of movement for video production, computer applications and business presentations

    • Two switchable frequencies for interference-free operation

    • High-band VHF operation for superior sound

    • Normal operating range 100'; up to 300' under optimum conditions

    • Durable, flexible antenna can be positioned for best reception

    • Real-time monitoring capability with included earphone

    • Rugged design and construction with handsome non-reflective finish

    • Quick and reliable mounting system for camcorder use

    • Receiver and transmitter are each powered by a single 9V battery

  • Configurations

    PRO 88W-829
    PRO 88W-829
    Includes AT829mW miniature cardioid clip-on microphone.
    PRO 88W-830
    PRO 88W-830
    Includes MT830mW subminiature omnidirectional clip-on microphone.
    PRO 88W-R35
    Includes ATR35 miniature omnidirectional clip-on microphone.
  • Specifications

    Operating Frequencies

    • PRO 88W-829, PRO 88W-830
      T13 (169.445 MHz & 170.245 MHz)
      T24 (169.505 MHz & 170.305 MHz)
      T57 (171.045 MHz & 171.845 MHz)
      T68 (171.105 MHz & 171.905 MHz)
      TVHF (179.400 MHz & 180.600 MHz)

    • PRO 88W-R35
      T24 (169.505 MHz & 170.305 MHz)

    Number of Channels 2
    Modulation Mode FM
    Frequency Response n/a
    Reception System FM Superheterodyne
    Reception Sensitivity 2 µV for 30 dB S/N
    Output Connector 1/8" (3.5 mm) TRS
    DC Input 9V DC (center-positive)
    Battery 9V alkaline (not included)
    Current Consumption 50 mA
    Battery Life 8 hours nominal
    Dimensions 4.09" (104.0 mm) H x 2.44" (62.0 mm) W x 0.94" (24.0 mm) D
    Net Weight 3.5 oz (100 grams)
    ModulationFrequency Modulation
    Modulation Sensitivity6 mV input for full deviation
    Battery9V alkaline (not included)
    Current Consumption50 mA
    Battery Life8 hours nominal
    Dimensions4.09" (104.0 mm) H x 2.44" (62.0 mm) W x 0.94" (24.0 mm) D
    Net Weight2.8 oz (80 grams)

    Miniature cardioid condenser microphone only, terminated for use with PRO 88W transmitter. Includes clothing clip and windscreen.
    Subminiature omnidirectional condenser microphone only, terminated for use with PRO 88W transmitter. Includes clothing clip and windscreens.
    PRO 8HEmW
    Headworn Hi-ENERGY® hypercardioid dynamic microphone, terminated for use with PRO 88W transmitter. Includes two windscreens.

    Transformer balanced adapter cable to use PRO 88W receiver with XLR-type balanced microphone inputs.

  • Downloads

    PRO 88W Manual (pdf 703.35 KB)
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