Kondensatorinstrumentenmikrofon mit Richtcharakteristik Niere


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Mit Cliphalterung besonders für Saxophon, Blechbläser, Trommeln und Percussion geeignet.

3 verschiedene Ausführungen für professionelle Ansprüche auf den Bühnen dieser Welt:

PRO35 - kabelgebundene Ausführung mit Speisemodul und 3-poligem XLRm-Stecker

PRO35cW - für Drahtlossysteme mit cW-Steckverbindung (2000er, System10, System 10 PRO, AT-One)

PRO35cH - für Drahtlossysteme mit cH-Steckverbindung (3000er, 5000er)



it folds to your needs

Designed for saxophone, brass and percussion, the PRO35 is ideal in applications with high sound pressure levels, and for stage performances. It comes equipped with the UniMount® clamp, which allows for precise positioning, better impact resistance, and a good protection of the capsule.

  • Ideal microphone for sax, toms, brass and percussion
  • Cardioid polar pattern improves isolation of desired sound source and reduces the pickup of sounds to the sides and rear
  • Perfect for non-static stage performances
  • Extended frequency response renders all the subtle nuances of a performance
  • 80Hz low-cut filter on the power module
  • UniMount® clip allows for precise positioning, providing impact resistance and protecting the capsule
  • Gold plated corrosion-resistant contacts on the XLRM-type connectors
  • Excels in applications with high sound pressure level

“Extended frequency response”

The PRO35 has a dynamic range of 115 dB, a maximum SPL of 145 dB level and frequency response extends from 50 Hz to 15 kHz.

“Unimount® clip system”

The PRO35's UniMount® clip allows for accurate positioning, providing shock and vibration resistance whilst protecting the element.

“LOW-cut filter”

The AT8538 power module is equipped with a low-cut filter that removes frequencies below 80 Hz. This ensures the maximal removal of noise pollution (ground vibration of the instrument, or electric humming or other various buzzing), without altering the quality of the instrument sound capture.

Cardioid CAPSULE

Cardioid directivity for better isolation of the source, and resuction of sounds from the sides and rear.


The AT8418 Unimount clip (included) allows the precise positioning of the PRO35 on all types of instruments (brass, sax, percussion, ...)

Power supply

The PRO35 comes with its AT8538 power module with 80Hz low-cut filter and an exit to XLRM 3-pin connector.

Protective case

The PRO35 comes with a soft protective pouch for easy storage and transport.


Mikrofonelement Electret-Kondensator mit permanent polarisiertem Kondensator
Richtcharakteristik Niere
Frequenzbereich 50 - 15.000 Hz
Trittschallfilter 80 Hz, 18 dB/Oktave
Empf. am offenen Schaltkreis -45 dB (5,6 mV) re 1V bei 1 Pa
Max. Eingangspegel 145 dB SPL, 1 kHz, bei 1% T.H.D.
Dynamikumfang 115 dB, 1 kHz bei Max SPL
Geräuschpegelabstand 64 dB, 1 kHz bei 1 Pa
Phantomspeisung 11-52V DC, 2 mA typisch
Schalter Flat, Roll-Off
Weight (microphone) 0.3 oz (8 g)
Weight (power module) 2.9 oz (81 g) (wired only)
Kabel Abgeschirmtes 2-adriges Kabel mit 1,8 m Länge und 2,6 mm Durchmesser (fest mit Mikrofon verbunden), mit TA3F-Stecker
Dimensions (power module) 3.66" (92.9 mm) long,0.74" (18.9 mm) diameter (wired only)
Dimensions (microphone) 0.98" (25.0 mm) long, 0.40" (10.2 mm) diameter
Output Connector (power module) Integral 3-pin XLRM-type (wired only)
Beiliegendes Zubehör AT8418 UniMount® Mikrofonadapter für Instrumente; AT8538 Netzadapter; Mikrofonetui
Audio-Technica Aufbewahrungsetui M12


PRO35 Declaration of Conformity
PRO35 Frequenzgang
PRO35 Richtcharakteristik
PRO35 Specification Sheet
PRO35cW Declaration of Conformity