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AT-CSP1 USB Speakerphone

How people work and live has diversified with the times. The places we work and study are changing as well. To keep pace with these changes, we have developed a simple USB speakerphone. It’s a handy size that is easy to carry, so you can work or study anywhere.

Simply connect the included USB Type-A cable or USB Type-C™ cable to your computer and start talking immediately. You can comfortably participate during long online meetings and classes, hands-free. During calls, you can easily control the volume and mute the microphone directly on the speakerphone whenever you need to. Thanks to our many years of acoustic technology development, the AT-CSP1 speaker delivers clear, natural sound quality, and its omnidirectional microphone provides 360° sound capture, enabling use by individuals or groups.

USB Type-A and USB Type-C™ connectivity
Plug-and-play connectivity lets you make calls by simply plugging the speakerphone into a USB port. No software installation is required. The two included cables—one with a USB Type-A connector and another with a USB Type-C™ connector—allow for use with a wide range of devices.

Handy-size for a tidy desktop and easy portability
It’s roughly the size of a computer mouse, so it won’t clutter up your desk during online meetings or classes.And it’s lightweight, so you can carry it with you to use it anywhere.

Comfortable meetings all day long
Unlike a headset or in-ear headphones, the speakerphone places no burden on your head or ears, and there are no cables to get in your way. You can participate in long online sessions or classes in comfort.

Echo suppression for clearer conversations
Echoes occur when sound from the speaker are picked up by the microphone. The speaker features an echo cancelation function that helps prevent the sound it produces being picked up by the microphone, ensuring clearer communication for both parties.

Hands-free calling for unrestricted movement
The integrated speaker-microphone allows you to talk freely while taking notes or doing household chores. Even when you are away from your seat, you can still listen and respond to calls from within short distances.

Quick microphone mute function
Instantly mute the microphone by pressing the mute switch without having to look away from the screen. An LED indicator displays the mute status. When you want to speak, simply press the switch again.

Adjust the volume from the speakerphone
Volume can be adjusted directly on the speakerphone, without a computer.

Natural and clear sound quality makes it easy to hear others on the call
A large-diameter 40 mm (1.6″) driver is used despite the compact design of the speaker. The sound quality is tuned to be clear and easy to hear so you don’t have to strain to follow the conversation.

Allows for online meetings and calls with multiple people
You can take part in high-quality online conferences and calls no matter where you are— your office, home, or anywhere else. The built-in omnidirectional microphone provides 360° coverage without picking up too much ambient noise. It covers up to a one-meter radius and three people (recommended), so there’s no need to pass it around.

Speakerphone made from recycled plastic
The speaker body contains 50 to 70% recycled plastic. Two types of environmentally friendly post-consumer resin (PCR) plastics* are used as raw materials.
*PCR plastic is a material made from recycled plastic bottles and other consumer plastics. It is readily available for use
through local recycling programs, reducing the amount of energy and fossil fuels required and the amount of waste sent
to landfills.

Environmentally friendly packaging
Using paper and cardboard for everything from the outer box to the internal dividers makes the packaging more environmentally friendly.

Connects via USB Type-C™ or Type-A
Two types of USB cables are included for connection to computers running Windows/macOS. Compatible for laptops and Macs with USB Type-C™. USB Type-A allows access to many computers.

Carrying Pouch keeps the speakerphone and cables together
The speakerphone and the two included USB cables can be stored in the pouch for compact use on the go. The speakerphone is easy to carry around in an office, along with your computer and mouse. The small body makes it easy to bring with you on the move.




  • Allows for online meetings and calls with multiple people
  • USB Type-A and USB Type-C™ connectivity
  • 360° omnidirectional electret microphone
  • Natural and clear sound quality makes it easy to hear others on the call
  • Handy-size for a tidy desktop and easy portability
  • Great for long online meetings and classes
  • Echo suppression for clearer conversations
  • Hands-free calling for unrestricted movement
  • Quick microphone mute function
  • Adjust the volume from the speakerphone
  • Speakerphone made from recycled plastic


Type Speaker system with built-in amplifier
Speaker Unit 40 mm/Full range
Maximum Output 2 W
Frequency Response 100 to 10,000 Hz
Microphone Type Back electret condenser
Microphone Polar Pattern Omnidirectional
Supported Sample Rates 48 kHz
Supported Bit Rates Maximum 16 bit
Power Supply USB power (5 V DC)
Input Jack USB Type-C jack
Dimensions 67 mm (2.6”) × 67 mm (2.6”) × 30 mm (1.2”) (W×D×H)
Weight Approx. 100 g (3.5 oz)
Operating Temperature 5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F)
Accessories Included ・USB cable (1.0 m (3.3'), USB Type-A - USB Type-C) ・USB cable (1.0 m (3.3'), USB Type-C - USB Type-C)
Notes Supported operating systems: Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11, macOS Catalina, macOS Big Sur, macOS Monterey


CSP1 USB Speakerphone