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Pairing an AT-LP60XBT to Bluetooth devices

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Pairing with a Bluetooth device

In order for two devices with Bluetooth technology to recognise and communicate with one another, they must first be “paired.”

Pairing the AT-LP60XBT with wireless devices is a simple process. This process also applies to the previous AT-LP60BT model:


  • Make certain your AT-LP60XBT wireless turntable is set up properly. A common setup error is installing the platter’s belt incorrectly. We recommend checking out our guide on setting up your AT-LP60X turntable for assistance.

  • Place your Bluetooth wireless device into “pairing mode.” This will allow it to discover other Bluetooth signals, such as that coming from the AT-LP60XBT turntable. Place the device and the turntable within 1 metre of each other so that the connection can be made. (You may need to refer to your wireless device’s user manual to learn how to set it for pairing.)

  • With the turntable plugged into an AC outlet, press and hold the Wireless Function Button (located in the front left corner on the top of the turntable) for about 4 seconds. During this time, you will see the Wireless Function Button change colour. First, it will flash purple (indicating that the Bluetooth transmitter is powering on) and then, shortly after, it will flash purple again. After this second flash, release the button. The button will now begin flashing red and blue – this indicates that the turntable’s wireless transmitter is searching for another device with which to pair. The turntable’s pairing mode will stay active for 30 seconds.

  • The Wireless Function Button will turn solid blue when it has successfully paired with your wireless device. If pairing does not occur within the 30 seconds, repeat steps #2 and #3, making certain that all steps are properly executed.


Listening using a previously paired device

You can now listen to your turntable through your paired Bluetooth device. In order to do so:

  • Make certain the Wireless Function Button is illuminated blue. If the button is not illuminated, check to ensure that the power cord is properly connected to the turntable, then press and hold the Wireless Function Button for about 2 seconds. The button will flash purple, indicating that the turntable’s wireless function has been turned on.

  • Press the Start Button on the front of the turntable. The platter will begin spinning, then the tonearm will lift, move over to the record’s lead-in groove, lower and begin playing the record. The music will be heard through the device you have just paired.

  • When you are done listening to the record, you may press the Stop Button on the front of the turntable, which will lift the tonearm off the record, move it back to the rest position, and stop the platter from spinning. This operation will also happen automatically at the end of the side of the record.

  • When not using the turntable’s Bluetooth wireless transmission, it is recommended that you turn it off by pressing and holding the Wireless Function Button for about 2 seconds; the button will flash purple and then cease to illuminate, indicating that the wireless function has been deactivated.


Once you have paired your turntable to a device, you should not have to pair it with that device again. This may not be the case if you pair the speakers or headphones with another wireless device (refer to the device’s owner manual or contact the manufacturer for details). Also, since the AT-LP60XBT remembers up to eight devices, you will lose the oldest pairing if you perform a ninth pairing.


Resetting Bluetooth

It is not uncommon for Bluetooth devices across the market to experience minor hiccups in their processing and connectivity. If you experience an issue with your new AT-LP60XBT not pairing to any devices, or if the turntable has stopped pairing with your devices, you can perform a reset procedure to help the Bluetooth technology function correctly. Below, you will find instructions on how to reset the Bluetooth processing in the AT-LP60XBT turntable


  • Press and hold down the Bluetooth button on the turntable for about 8-10 seconds. You will see the indicator light flash red and blue rapidly back and forth, but keep holding down the button until you see the light blink red slowly twice, and then go back to flashing red and blue.

  • Once the light goes back to flashing red and blue you may let go of the button. Wait for the flashing light to time out and go back to solid red.

  • Once the light is solid red the reset has been completed. Press and hold down the button again to put the turntable into pairing mode (flashing red/blue) and put your Bluetooth receiving device (speaker or headphones) back into pairing mode.


If your turntable is still having trouble pairing with your devices, then there may be another device (such as a smartphone, tablet, other speakers, or even a wifi router) causing wireless interference within your environment.

If you have any further issues during the setup or have any follow-up questions, we invite you to contact us so that we can offer you further advice.