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The ATCS-60 infrared discussion system offers all the advantages of infrared communication complete with wireless transceiver microphone units. Wireless infrared technology provides the user with greater flexibility while configuring the system and freedom of choice when placing microphones. From intimate meetings to large boardrooms and events, the ATCS-60 will adapt to meet your needs.

Additional features include four selectable channels for multi-language conferences and an automated camera function facilitating audio visual integration.

The option of software control is also available, with the user able to adjust camera position, facilitate audio recording and adjust microphone settings from “Conference Manager” software. Tabletop delegate microphone stations can be now augmented with handheld and lavalier microphones for greater flexibility.


ATCS-M60a: World standard model
  • Main feature: Equipped with automatic functions, no need to push button
  • Number of buttons: 1 Speech button (for asking and finishing)
  • Loudspeakers: (Loudspeakers ON during speech)
  • Number of monitors: 4ch
  • Earphone outputs: 1 (4ch selection type)

  • Automatic functions: Can be set to the manual mode at front of ATCS-C60a, and then set the threshold and holding time
  • Speech modes: Manual mode: “FIFO” and “LIFO” can be selected (at the front of ATCS-C60a)
  • Maximum simultaneous speakers: Five (free combination of the chairperson and participants)
  • Number of speech priorities: Up to 4 people (with special channel)
  • Number of speech demands: 10
  • Chairperson unit: Configured in ID001
  • All finish function: Chairperson unit (by pressing and holding the “TALK” button) and prohibiting speeches by others (by pressing the button)
  • Low battery indication: LED flashing

  • Battery: LI-240 lithium-ion battery of 2,400mAh
  • Standard operation time: Continuous speech—about 6 hours
  • Power saving mode: Signal reception status—about 10 hours
  • Charging time: About 5.5 hours
  • Corresponding charger: ATCS-B60
  • Corresponding IR transmitter/receiver unit: ATCS-A60 (Up to 16 sets can be configured with ATCS-D60)
  • Number of connected coaxial cables: 1
  • Category of microphones: Selection from ATCS-60MIC or ATCS-L60MIC (dedicated types)
  • Corresponding master control unit: ATCS-C60
  • PC control: Yes

PC basic functions
  • Speech status display: Yes
  • Battery status display: Yes
  • Speech control: Automatic mode—Remote control impossible
    Manual mode—Remote control of speech / speech finish
  • Automatic function: (Switch with the manual mode) (Setting of threshold and detailed holding time)
  • Speech mode: Manual mode can be selected from “FIFO”, “LIFO” and ”chairperson priority”
  • All finish: Automatic mode—Remote control impossible
    Manual mode—Remote control possible
  • Screen layout: Microphone units can be freely configured in the screen
  • Individual volume setting: Yes
  • Individual volume holding: Yes
  • Overall volume setting: Yes
  • Overall volume holding: Yes
  • Individual threshold setting: Yes
  • Individual threshold holding: Yes

PC multimedia functions
  • Remaining time display: Yes
  • Camera tracking: Yes
  • Audio/video recording: Yes
  • Conference playback: Yes
  • Conference minutes making: Yes
  • Grouping: Five groups for simultaneous interpretation

Noise or interruption may occur in the following cases. Please contact us for details. • Multiple infrared facilities, such as the simultaneous interpretation system and the listening system, are used within the same room. • Plasma display panels and lighting equipment emitting infrared rays (e.g., incandescent lamps and halogen lamps) are used. • When the IR transmitter/receiver unit or the conference units are directly subject to sunlight






ATCS-60 Design Guide
ATCS-60 IR System Submittal Sheet
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