As a MotoGP Service Provider, Audio-Technica supplies wireless microphones for the racing series’ press conferences, which are important for media and fans alike, providing them with the latest news and direct access to the riders.

Press Conference

With a class-leading 60 MHz tuning range to navigate today’s congested RF environment, our 3000 Series UHF wireless system ensures professional-quality communication wherever the motorsports championship series travels. The system is easy to set up and use, and boasts the following key features that make it perfect for events like a MotoGP press conference:

  • System offers up to 40 simultaneous channels per band (open-range environment with no interfering signals). 
  • Transmitters have durable metal bodies, making them ideal for touring applications like MotoGP.
  • The handheld transmitter comes with either an ATW-C510 dynamic or ATW-C710 condenser interchangeable cardioid capsule. And its industry-standard thread mount enables the use of additional compatible capsules from A-T and other manufacturers.
  • The transmitter has low (10 mW) and high (30 mW) RF power settings, and is capable of transmitting up to 300' (100 m).
  • The transmitter’s programmable multifunction button can be used to switch to a backup frequency or mute the audio, among other functions.
  • Charging docks are available to conveniently recharge NiMH batteries used in transmitters.
  • Network-enabled system, featuring the ATW-R3210N receiver, offers network monitoring and control via Wireless Manager software.

3000 Series with Wireless Manager

The 3000 Series can fit within professional RF plans like those coordinated for MotoGP events, which manage thousands of frequencies. Or users can deploy ATW-R3210N network-enabled receivers along with Audio-Technica’s Wireless Manager software to plot an effective frequency plan.

The powerful, easy-to-use Wireless Manager allows users to create a device list, coordinate frequencies, and control and monitor Audio-Technica wireless equipment remotely. The software’s  multi-point receiver function also enables a transmitter to switch seamlessly between network-enabled receivers, helpful for when the user of a transmitter moves from one room to another – the transmitter will automatically switch to the receiver that supplies the strongest connection. 

Additional Wireless Manager features include:

  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface that provides straightforward navigation
  • Auto-population of devices so configuration can begin immediately
  • Configurable settings for advanced network security
  • Offline device setup, coordination and session configuration
  • Ability to coordinate popular third-party devices
  • Free download that includes RF tools to assist with any wireless setup

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