National Video Games Day is a day to remember the history of video games, so in honor of this special day, we’re taking a look back at the history of video games -- plus, Audio-Technica’s gaming headsets through the years. It’s easy to recall popular games like “Fortnite” or “Call of Duty,” but can you name the first ever video game? If not, check out the below for a quick history on the day.


History of National Video Games Day

It’s reported that the first ever video game dates back to the 1950’s – specifically October of 1958. According to research of the American Physics Society, Physicist William Higinbotham was the inventor of the first ever video game.

The game, “Tennis for Two” was a simple game, designed to mimic a tennis match. Although Higinbotham pioneered this invention, his heart was not in the game, but more on Nuclear Arms Control.

“Tennis for Two” is noted to be the first video game created, but it was the game, “Pong” that is said to have captured the public’s attention, according to the Museum of Play. Jumping to 1975, an at-home version of “Pong”, renamed to “Home Pong” was introduced in the Sears Catalog by Atari founder Nolan Bushnell and partner Ted Dabney.

The success of the game led to the launch of an industry – the gaming console. Atari released its own branded version of “Pong” to help popularize their 2600 gaming console, which turned out to be a success with over 30 million units sold.

Throughout the years, the gaming industry saw booms with arcade games, consoles, and more video game releases. The launch of The NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) was a massive success, with releases including Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., and more. Now years later, reports the Nintendo Switch was the best-selling platform for the month of May.

Now, video gamers, streamers, and content creators have the opportunity to not only play their favorite games at-home, but play with other fellow gamers across the globe, live stream, and share their content across platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and more.


Audio-Technica Gaming Headsets

No matter what level of gamer you are, A-T has the right headset for you to elevate your gaming. Check out the list below to take a look back at A-T’s gaming gear.



Released in 2019, the ATH-G1  and ATH-G1WL Premium Gaming Headsets are perfect for serious gamers looking to dominate their computer gaming experience. Featuring 45 mm drivers, these over-ear headsets deliver studio-quality sound to every game with its closed-back earcups. The detachable boom mic offers directional pickup that separates your voice from ambient noise for crystal-clear communication. The ATH-G1WL is compatible with laptops, PCs, and Macs (High Sierra, Mojave). The ATH-G1 is compatible with PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, gaming laptops, PCs, and other gaming devices.





Released in January 2022, the ATH-GL3 and the ATH-GDL3 joined A-T’s gaming headset lineup. These high-fidelity headsets feature both open-back and closed-back design. Both headsets are extremely lightweight, (less than 230g) and comfortable for long gaming sessions. Featuring large-diameter 45 mm drivers, these hi-fi headsets deliver high-resolution audio. The flexible and detachable boom mic provides highly accurate directional pickup and each left earcup has built-in volume control and a mute switch for easy convenience while in the game. Both headsets are compatible with PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite, laptops, PCs, and other devices with a standard 3.5 mm TRRS headset connector or with a separate mic input and headphone output.


ATH-M50xSTS StreamSet™

Side-profile of ATH-M50xSTS StreamSet with attached microphone

The ATH-M50xSTS StreamSet™ and ATH-M50xSTS-USB, launched in January 2023, is the world’s first streaming headset – with direct feedback from gamers and streamers to address the needs of live-streaming content creators. The StreamSet features the critically acclaimed ATH-M50x headphones and technology from the iconic 20 Series microphones, delivering the best of both worlds. Each headset has 45 mm large-aperture drivers and come with two sets of M50x earpads that are designed to stress audio-quality and sound isolation. Additionally, both headsets use a cardioid condenser capsule on the boom arm for a rich vocal presence without background noise.


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