In part 2 of our series of interviews with popular Twitch streamers, we spoke with TimTheTatman. If you missed our interview with GoldGlove you can check it out here. Tim turned his passion for gaming into a full-fledged career when he began streaming on Twitch full-time in 2014. Since then he’s amassed a group of loyal followers known as the TatManArmy, and streams twice a day. Read on as he gives some insight into the daily life of a live streamer and shares his advice for those looking to go pro. timthetatman Audio-Technica: Tim, as your username suggests, you’ve got a lot of tattoos. Are any of them gaming related? Tim: I have two sleeves and a chest piece. Sadly none of them are gaming related! A-T: That’s some impressive ink! What was the first video game you ever played?  Tim: I don't quite remember the first game I ever played, but I distinctly remember playing The Hunt for Red October on Super Nintendo over and over and over again. I loved that game growing up. A-T: When did you decide to pursue livestreaming full-time? Tim: I went full-time and quit my job on March 27, 2014. Best decision I've ever made! A-T: That’s a day you’ll never forget! Can you talk a little bit about a day in the life of a professional streamer? Tim: My day may be a bit different than others because I stream twice a day, for 3 to 5 hours at a time. So I personally wake up, do my morning stream from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., try to handle emails, eat and relax a bit, then get another coffee and stream at night till about midnight! A-T: What do you consider your all-time favorite video game? Tim: This is tough for me. I played Counter-Strike 1.6 back when I was 13, and still play CS:GO to this day. That being said, I also was super into World of Warcraft between 15 and 21, and I know I'll be playing Legion. So I'd say it's a tie between the two. A-T:  What’s your favorite aspect of livestreaming? Tim: I love being able to interact with people on a daily basis. That's what I truly enjoy. I love gaming, don't get me wrong, but I've always been a social butterfly and love talking with people. It basically combined two of my favorite things! A-T: Tell us about your gaming setup; what are your streaming essentials? Tim: The main essentials for me are a comfy headset, thanks to you guys! Also a 144Hz monitor. I didn't realize what I was playing on before, but goodness gracious it's like day and night when you go from 60 to 144 – get one! A-T: Are there any streamers you enjoy watching in your downtime? Tim: Although I would never admit to this and I'll deny it to the grave, I watch Summit1G in between streams a lot. I also watch Sodapoppin quite a bit. Soda was one of the first Twitch streamers I ever watched when I first heard about the website. That being said, I also love scrolling down to the lower viewer-count streamers and trying to check out people down there as well, ’cause I remember being down there and wishing some people would swing in! A-T: You’ve built up a massive following known as the #tatmanarmy. Have you had any interesting fan encounters? Tim: At my last signing at TwitchCon I had a guy walk up to me, scream my top donation sound, start playing my sub sound, and rain $100 in dollar bills on me. That has to be one of the most bizarre and memorable encounters for me. A-T: Which platform do you prefer: PlayStation, Xbox or PC and why? Tim: Even though I do play Xbox/PS4 from time to time, it always comes back to PC Master Race for me. I feel like I'm most comfortable with a mouse and keyboard. A-T: Can you give some advice to anyone looking to become a professional streamer? Tim: Biggest tip I can give is this – don't let your viewer-count control you. Literally block it if you have to. Most of the questions I get about streaming are about the viewer-count, viewers, and how hard it is. I remember back when I had 10 viewers – personally, something that helped me a ton was physically blocking the viewer-count with a piece of paper. Try to focus on the people that are in there chatting with you, not the mass amount of people that aren't. Those people are there supporting you. Focus on them. We’d like to thank Tim for taking the time to speak with us. Be sure to catch his daily streams on Twitch and follow him on Twitter.